We are proud to be an authentic, growth-focused, educational company focused on the service of the sales, marketing, & service professionals that make up the HubSpot community.

We are genuinely devoted to a cause greater than ourselves, and every decision, piece of content, or tool created by Sprocket Talk is made with the HubSpot community always being top of mind.ind

The intersection of our own "why" and the communities "why" is where every Sprocket Talk creation starts.

Therefore, all of our work is guided by one empowering and straightforward statement.

Our Mission is to help HubSpot users by providing the ideas, education, & tools you need to grow better.


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Our Core Values

Happy - Helpful - Humble - Healthy - Humans



Share & create without ego
Sprocket Talk will always offer the complete picture of our experiences. We do not believe in keeping the special sauce hidden. We exist to enable authentic and entertaining learning that promotes our values and helps our community members grow.


Work with purpose
The best, most valuable work we can do comes from focusing on the mission, vision, and community needs. We look at priorities, reduce waste of resources, provide helpful tips, tricks, and feedback when asked, and always collaborate with positive intentions with other community members.


Be caring & Empathetic
We care for our team and our community of HubSpot users by being considerate of their needs, goals, and boundaries; we focus on empathy and service with every action and intention. We are firm believers in leaving your ego at the door.




Embrace the process
Be curious like a child. Learn from our failure and admit our mistakes. Realize that failures and mistakes are only lessons on the way to what we are striving to be. Question our assumptions and explore all opportunities for the greater good of the community. Reduce internal and external chaos. And find as much joy in the work as in the success. Focus on a play mentality vs. a work mentality.



Choose a healthy hustle
We embrace the flexibility of our work life that allows us to take care of ourselves and our families first, to serve the community better. Sprocket Talk will always strive to live a healthy life filled with hustle as an example of how to have a successful work and personal life by focusing on a healthy hustle vs. the unacceptable alternative.

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  • A path to solve your #1 challenge with curated Expert Interviews, HubSpot Tutorials, and courses specially chosen to help you solve that problem
  • A library of interviews with sales and marketing experts like Mark Schaefer, Dan Tyre, Courtney Sembler and more
  • Courses that give you a step-by-step solution for a variety of HubSpot problems in just 30 minutes or less
  • The option to download interviews and courses, so you can listen anywhere
  • Get access to the experts with a dedicated Slack channel
  • The opportunity to be placed in your own mastermind group to accelerate your growth

Without Premium, you can only watch the newest interviews. And you don’t get ANY of the courses. Or the opportunity to join a mastermind. Or the option to download videos.

There are thousands of HubSpot Experts out there. If you want to tune out the noise and get the clearest signal, Sprocket Talk is the channel to be in. It’s where you find the most highly engaged Experts who give the HubSpot-crushing tips to focus on if you want results.
Ian Horley
Ian Horley

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