Adam Steinhardt on a Website Mindset Shift of Asset vs Expense

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In this episode, we talk with Adam Steinhardt from the Kingdom about understanding the value of your website and a mindset shift that is needed.

Adam talks about how most companies have thought about their websites in the past as well as what they should be thinking now and in the future. He talks about how your website should be on your companies balance sheet.

Adam then dives into Campaign Warrior, some website myths, as well as hurdles you may face along the way.

About Adam Steinhardt

Inspired by the great global brands, and having gained strong global marketing skills by working closely with Apple, it was easy for Adam to move into the website development, sales, digital marketing, and advertising agency world.

In 2009, Adam founded The Kingdom. He set out to build and create an exotic 5-star advertising agency that created fast turnarounds, engaging content, gorgeous graphic design and provided expert digital marketing, advertising and social media solutions.

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