Chris Rudolph: Maximize Your Morning Routine for a Better Business Mindset

       2 min read

In this episode, we talk with Chris Rudolph about how to wake up, start your day right, and implement an amazing morning routine. Chris shares the 5 M's to an amazing morning routine as well as why we all need to think smarter with the way we start our days.

He shares some myths we need to bust as well as strategies we could d implement starting tomorrow morning to help us optimize our selves and our day.

About Chris Rudolph

Chris is on a mission to see people (agency owners) achieve the freedom they dreamed of when they first started their that together, they can build thriving businesses and world-changing families!

Chris works specifically with digital agency owners who find themselves saying things like..."I feel overwhelmed, overloaded and don't know what to do first, "I'm not sure how much to charge or what business model is best for me", "My business is growing, but I need to hire and train a team" or "I not satisfied with the money I'm making right now."

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