My Only COVID19 Conversation | Brand Strength & Direction

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In this episode, we talk with Chris Tschantz and Eric Jacobs from Test Pilot Creative about brand strength and direction during the COVID19 pandemic.

Chris and Eric share tough times in history and stories of what brands did to win. They talk about being authentic as a brand, leading with empathy, and so much more.

If your company is trying to navigate COVID19, this is a positive episode offering ideas for you to leverage as you move forward with your brand, marketing, and sales.

About Chris Tschantz | Chief Creative Officer • Copy

Chris Tschantz is an award-winning copywriter, branding specialist, teacher, mentor and extremely average golfer. He believes in the power of a brand – that if it can affect the heart, it will move the mind.

Over the past 25+ years in the advertising and marketing arena, his creative approach to solving his clients’ problems has earned him the respect of some of the most renowned brands in the world. By blending creativity and strategy, Chris is passionate about helping brands achieve heights they never before thought possible.

About Eric Jacobs | Chief Creative Officer • Design

For the past two and a half decades, Eric Jacobs has been using his design and art direction talents to help his clients elevate their brands. As a hunter of big ideas, a gatherer of creative energy and a curator of plaid button-downs, he has amassed numerous awards and honors while achieving real, measurable results for his client partners.

Eric approaches every project as an opportunity for the brand to challenge conventional thinking in order to resonate with the target audience in a deep, meaningful way.

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