D.P. Knudten Personal Brands, Corporate Brands, Stallions, & Stables | 15-Minute Strategy Podcast

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In this 15-Minute Strategy Podcast episode, we talk with D.P. Knudten from Non-fiction Brand about the importance of personal brands inside the corporate and digital world.

Are you wondering if you should build a personal brand or just rest on the brand that is the corporate brand of the company you work at?

In this episode D.P. Knudten talks about stallions, stables, and why in a digital world you need to be your own powerful brand.

Listen in as D.P. Knudten from Non-fiction Brand share what this means and how to accomplish it today. 

About D.P. Knudten

As a copywriter, Creative Director, and NONFICTION BRANDvangelist, and Marketing Strategist, D.P. Knudten loves helping people and companies discover, craft and communicate their unique, and completely true, NonFiction Brand™ stories, and showing them how to share them via the most effective and efficient channels possible.


So they can be more successful, future-proof their careers, and create real brand value for themselves while adding that value to their company’s brand as well.

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