Dean DeLisle: Steps to Becoming a Digital Business Influencer [PART2]

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Are you looking for the steps to becoming a digital business influencer? This week we carry on the conversation from last week with Dean Delisle.

In this 15-Minute Strategy podcast, Dean DeLisle shares more of his 8 tips to business influencer nirvana.

He shares the good, the bag, and the ugly of navigating the thought-leader journey as well as the number one thing to have in place as you start.

If you are ready to become a digital business influencer, this 15-minutes with Dean will be priceless. 

👉🏻 About Dean Delisle

For over 30 years, Dean has demonstrated his ability to accelerate companies, stimulate business development, and improve operational efficiency. In 1981 he started his career at Merrill Lynch within Computer Operations, helping to launch the first telecommunication systems to delivery trades from all over the world, and clear through the Chicago headquarters.

He left to start his own technology firm, to then develop call center technologies for Sears, Discover, Blue Cross, MBNA and others in the insurance and credit card industries. Then as technology evolved, he transferred his skills from the back office to the front office, applying his skills to CRM and front line online automation. He quickly adapted and found ways to assist clients with channel sales development with the use of technology, digital education and onboarding methodologies. In 2002, he developed a channel support platform that was used by companies like Baxter Labs, Computer Associates and other Fortune 500 companies.

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