What Is Lifecycle Stage

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In this article I’m going to explain exactly what lifecycle stage is and why lifecycle stage is important to your company.

Make sure you stick around to the very end because I’m going to share three ways that you can leverage lifecycle stage at your company today!

What are Lifecycle Stages?

Also called customer lifecycle stages we’re talking about the designations people interacting with your brand fall into. It shows where they are in the buyer’s journey. 

HubSpot lifecycle stages look like this:

  • Subscribers are contacts who know of your business and have opted in to hear more from your team. They’ve probably signed up for your blog or newsletter.
  • Leads are people who have shown interest beyond being a subscriber. An example of a lead is a contact who signs up for a content offer from your business.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead are those contacts who have engaged with your  marketing efforts, but are still not ready to receive a sales call… like someone who responded to a specific form in a marketing campaign.
  • Sales Qualified Lead have indicated through their actions that they’re ready for a direct sales follow up. For example, they submitted a question about your product through a contact form.
  • An Opportunity is a contact who is a real sales opportunity. They’re highly likely to close.
  • Customer… that seems pretty obvious right? These are contacts with closed deals.
  • An Evangelist is a customer who advocates for your business and whose networks may be leveraged for further leads.

Why are Lifecycle Stages Important for Your Company?

The lifecycle stage is important because it helps you segment your audience, or your contact base.

This helps make your CRM a powerful tool.

You don’t want to send a customer the same message you’re sending someone who just heard about your company. That’s an introductory email that your customer is thinking, “No kidding! I know who your are, I just bought from you!”

How Can You Use Lifecycle Stages for Your Marketing & Sales Teams?

Lifecycle marketing stages can help you not only segment, but personalize your communications. It’s all about context, baby!

Offers Based on Lifecycle Stages

For instance, you could use marketing lifecycle stages to offer someone in the subscriber stage a coupon code to try your service or product for a discounted price.

Or you could offer an evangelist an exclusive opportunity that no one else received.

Or maybe someone who recently became a customer gets a message from someone on the team thanking them for their purchase, offering to be there for them for any reason.

Framing your communications in the context of where the sit in the lifecycle stage - and therefore the buyer’s journey - helps keep messages relevant, personal and powerful.

Reporting with Lifecycle Stages

Use the lifecycle stage designation in your reporting. Understanding how your marketing is performing can be a powerful thing for the marketing team as they partner with sales.

On that note… use lifecycle stages to ensure your service level agreement is optimal. Wait… you are using SLAs like we talked about in a previous video… right?? 

Anyway… use the lifecycle stage to help define SLA parameters, measure where people are in the lifecycles and keep guiding them through their journey with marketing automation you’re using. 

Better Communication with Lifecycle Stages

And finally, use this tool for real-time communication.

You can set up a workflow for automatic messages - email, text, notification for a phone call - when a contact moves from one stage to the next.

If a prospect is moving from MQL to SQL, you’ll want the sales team teed up for a conversation as soon as possible. Maybe you send a text that encourages the contact to set up a sales appointment.

Then you can notify the sales person so they can reach out if they don’t get an appointment. It can be powerful if you get a message when you’re ready to buy and no one else is talking to you. 

Now that you know what lifecycle stages are and why lifecycle stages are important, make sure you are implementing it for your company’s success. 

Make sure you're being happy and helpful, human along the way and let us know how you are using one-to-one videos at your company.

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