Max Cohen: Dual Buyer's Journey Mindset Strategy

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In this episode, we talk with Max Cohen from HubSpot about the dual mindset strategy when it comes to your buyer's journey.

Max walks us through the awareness, consideration, and decision phase of the buyer's journey and helps us see it from the customer and the marketer's perspective and needed action items.

Max also helps us with some potholes marketers face along the was as well as some myths that just needed to be debunked to help you succeed as you move forward.

Ready to think about your buyer's journey in a whole new light? Then take a listen to this fabulous interview with Max Cohen.

👉🏻 About Max Cohen

Max Cohen started at HubSpot in 2015 as an Implementation Specialist on the Customer Onboarding team after four years on Apple's Business Team.  He joined HubSpot's Learning and Development team as a Product Trainer in 2018 and is currently a Facilitator for HubSpot Foundations, which is HubSpot's new hire onboarding program.  When he's not coaching new HubSpotters on the HubSpot product and the Inbound Methodology, he coaches New England Infamous, a competitive paintball team.  You can learn more about Max and find ways to connect with him by going to

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