Jill Fratianne: Modern Sales in a Digital World

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In this episode, we talk with Jill Fratianne from HubSpot about a modern sales strategy in a completely digital world.

Jill talks to us through the consulting mindset. She shares the 80/20 rule when it comes to questions and listening to your potential customers.

Jill also tackles a few sales myths as well as helps you jump over some of the hurdles you may be facing in a digital world sales process.

👉🏻 About Jill Fratianne

After many years of professional music training, touring & performing, and a Masters Degree from Northwestern University, I dove head first, without much prior knowledge or direction, into the world of business. The Journey has been a roller coaster ride. It's been challenging, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, lucrative, and has introduced me to more inspiring people and experiences than I can count. I feel it's still just the beginning.

Currently I work for a company called HubSpot, a software company that is an authority on internet and Inbound marketing. My role is Channel Account Manger where I coach marketing agencies and companies of all shapes and sizes to win in business and the internet.  I have seen thousands of business, business owners, employees, and people with no marketing background what-so-ever transformed by an internet age where the smart, coachable, and creative individuals hold the keys to success. 

👉🏻 About Sprocket Talk

At Sprocket Talk, our mission is to help you navigate the HubSpot tool. We will help you get 100% ROI across the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub, the Service Hub and yes, even the HubSpot CMS. Our videos will educate AND entertain.

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