Ryan Hanley on Customer Feedback Strategies | 15-Minute Strategy Podcast

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In this 15-Minute Strategy Podcast episode, we talk with Ryan Hanley from Hanley Media ryanhanley.com about how important paying attention to your customer feedback is to the success of your business.

Are you asking your customers the questions you should or simply making assumptions? Ryan Hanley shares why customer feedback is important. How to collect the feedback as a team.

As well as how to make sure you are paying attention to the right feedback to make the right decisions moving forward. 

About Ryan Handley

Ryan has particular expertise in B2B marketing strategies, executive branding and the use of video in driving organizational growth.

Ryan’s experience spans the spectrum of industries, from insurance to property managers to garbage collectors, as well as organization sizes and experience ranging from startups to SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

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