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Top 20 Chatbots

Over 87% of consumers are expecting a chat experience when they visit a website, yet less than 35% of companies are actually providing it.

Conversational Strategy is one of the most under-utilized marketing and sales functions that is available to marketers today.

This course will give you instant access to our 20 highest performing chatbots including tutorials & templates.

Lesson 2

The Chasm - 3 Stats that Inspire Action

So we talked about how to get the conversation running. Now we need to talk about why it's important. And it's time to act in regards to a conversational strategy

79% of consumers are willing to use messaging apps to get customer assistance. 79%. Think about how you interact with companies nowadays. Are you finding yourself doing a messaging more often? Or are you, you know, using the old telephone, right?

In a lot of cases, messaging is permeating throughout our relationships personally and professionally. And it's beginning to be something that is almost expected at a rate of about 79%.

The next one is 82% of consumers rate and immediate response, as very important when they are when they have a marketing or sales question. 82%. Think about that for a minute. 82% of the time, you're expecting an immediate response.

That's not a five minute response.

If someone fills out a form, its immediate. So if you're going to be putting chat on your website, you have to find a way, bridge that gap. And more importantly, think about customer service in general.

When's the last time that you patiently waited more than five minutes on the phone and felt good about the experience? Probably never right? So as we start thinking about how this can all come together, you really need to focus on that immediacy, and chatbots. And this conversational strategy can really help.

Now the last step that I'm going to share in this module is 36% of companies use live chat for marketing, sales, or customer service increase. Now, when we think about that stat, it's not surprising by itself.

But when you compare all three of these, it starts to tell us that something's wrong. So when we start to look at this, businesses at that 36% Mark, are almost on an island all alone. And when we start to think about how that all comes together, we've got these marketers and the sales people, these businesses that are hanging out, all by themselves lonely, about 36% of them, and we've got a chasm in the middle based on the expectations of the leads and the prospects that are coming down the pipeline.

Now, this isn't to say that the other ways that we're marketing and selling and the traditional forms in your website or bad, it just says that the expectations are beginning to shift. And the companies that are going to succeed are going to be the ones that leverage the statistics and make change happen now.