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Top 20 Chatbots

Over 87% of consumers are expecting a chat experience when they visit a website, yet less than 35% of companies are actually providing it.

Conversational Strategy is one of the most under-utilized marketing and sales functions that is available to marketers today.

This course will give you instant access to our 20 highest performing chatbots including tutorials & templates.


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Lesson 1:

Watch Me First


Lesson 5:

Bot #1: The Subscriber


The Subscriber is a chatflow template that allows for you to ask contacts to subscribe depending on their subscription status...

Lesson 6:

Bot #2: The Pillar Page Converter


We dedicate so much time toward creating content that drives traffic, but in many cases that content should allow people to c...

Lesson 7:

Bot #3: The Surveyor


Queue "The Surveyor" -- Get direct insights by asking the right contextual conversations from your audience who's consuming y...

Lesson 8:

Bot #4: The Meeting Helper


Use the Meeting Helper bot to add the human element into your meeting links. Increase conversion rates and let prospects & cu...

Lesson 9:

Bot #5: The Demo Bot


Request a demo pages may not help someone who is simply looking for information. Use a perfectly timed (and placed) blot that...

Lesson 10:

Bot #6: The A-Lead Connector


Some call it ABM, others call it prospecting. If you have people in your pipeline that you care about, use this bot strategy ...

Lesson 11:

Bot #7: The Supporter


Spend more time focusing on retaining and building your client relationships. Whether it's for opportunities that are in your...

Lesson 12:

Bot #8: The Greeter


The best conversations are 1-1. Greet your prospects by driving engaging conversations and push through to the right rep at t...

Lesson 13:

Bot #9: The About Me Bot


Lesson 14:

Bot #10: The PPC Bot


Lesson 16:

Bot #12: The Product Bot


Lesson 21:

Bot #17: The Upsell Bot


Lesson 23:

Bot #19: The NPS Bot


Lesson 24:

Bot #20: The Review Bot


What You'll Learn

Learn how your marketing team can leverage chat and bots to nurture your prospects, and leads through their funnel.

See how live chat is the new sales phone call. Learn how chat allows your sales team to connect with potential customers with ease.

Understand you don't have to change your sales & marketing strategy, you just need to make a few conversational tweaks.

We show you how to get more humans to subscribe to your newsletter or blog content.
Hint, there's a bot for that! 

Learn how the meetings bot can be your favorite virtual assistant, book more meetings, and make your teams life easier.

Tired of answering the same questions all the time? Let your FAQ bot answer those questions for your team in the future.

Ready to get started?