On-Demand Course

HubSpot Drag & Drop Email Builder

Learning new features or completely new tools in HubSpot doesn't need to be difficult!

We created this course to help you quickly get up to speed on ll the tips & tricks & strategies you can leverage with the new drag & drop email tool.

Learn about all the new bells and whistles and how to leverage them to create amazing emails for your leads and customers.


Lesson 1:

A Look at The Free Email Editor


To get started with this course, we dive into the free version of the HubSpot drag & drop email editing tool.

Lesson 2:

Building Foundations


One of the things that are great about the HubSpot drag-and-drop email editor is being able to set up the foundations of your...

Lesson 3:

Design Template Styles


We're going to look at how to modify the foundation or base of your email templates for a more efficient design process.

Lesson 4:

Design Text Styles


Take control of all your text styles in one easy manageable location. Set your heading and paragraph styles as well as the co...

Lesson 5:

Design Button Styles


Buttons are super slick in the HubSpot email drag & drop editor. In this module, we show you all the things you can set by de...

Lesson 6:

Design Divider Styles


Breaking up your content and giving your reader's eyes a place to rest is vital to a successful email send. In this module, w...

Lesson 7:

Rows & Columns


Building out an email without needing code is a game-changer for most marketing professionals. In this module, we share how t...

Lesson 8:

Modifying Your Email Layouts


Ready to understand the power at your fingertips when it comes to your email layouts? In this module, we share some of our id...

Lesson 9:

Understanding Modules


What is a module and how do they work in the HubSpot email drag & drop editor? In this lesson, we answer those questions and ...

Lesson 10:

Working With Image Modules


There is a lot of value-added to your email send by the images you choose and how you choose to use those images. In this les...

Lesson 11:

Working With Text Modules


Are you ready to understand everything about the text module in the drag and drop email editor? Need to squeeze every ounce o...

Lesson 12:

Text Module Smart Content Rules


Want to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time? In this lesson, we show you how Smart content ru...

Lesson 13:

Working With Button Modules


In this lesson, we actually start adding buttons to the email layouts and show you some of the possibilities.

Lesson 14:

Working With Divider Modules


See how adding dividers to your email can make a difference in the way a reader actually reads your email.

Lesson 15:

Working With Social Modules


In this lesson, we take a deep dive into the social media module and all the bells and whistles it brings to the party.

Lesson 16:

Working With More Modules


In this lesson, we show you how the email possibilities are endless as you add in more modules over time.

Lesson 17:

Getting Ready To Send


Before you send your email, there are several things you should do to make sure your email design & strategy end up in the su...

Lesson 18:

Modifying Your Email Footer


In this lesson, we show you how to use the drag & drop email tool to easily change your email footers. If you have multiple l...

Lesson 19:

Your Email Settings


When you work so hard on your email layouts, you don't want to miss a simple setting that when in place makes a huge differen...

Lesson 20:

Powerful Subject Lines


In this lesson, we show you several ways to create strong subject lines with the drag & drop email tool.

Lesson 21:

Creating Web Versions


In this lesson, we show you how to use the drag & drop email editor to easily create a web version of your emails, newsletter...

Lesson 22:

Creating Plain Text Emails


While it may seem like something you can skip, plain text emails still have their place. In this lesson, we show you the how ...

Lesson 23:

Looking Good Everywhere


In this lesson, we show you how easy it is to make your email look good everywhere they go.

Lesson 24:

Sending Preview Emails


You should always send you and your team a practice or preview email before sending out to the list of leads or customers. In...

Lesson 25:

Email Device Views


Devices, devices, devices. There are so many devices that your email can end up on. In this lesson, we show you how to manage...

Lesson 26:

Email Client Views


In this lesson, we show you how to use the client view tool to test and iterate your email layout designs.

Lesson 27:

Send and Schedule Email


It's time to send or schedule that beautiful email you have been working on. In this lesson, we show you what can be done and...

Lesson 28:

Thank You


What You'll Learn

See exactly what you get with the free HubSpot email drag & drop editor vs the email starter and  professional versions.

Understand how to create faster email designs by leveraging the design tab in your drag & Drop editor first.

Start leveraging modules and build any email layout you want and send it to your list of contacts with pride.

Learn how to test the look and feel of your emails in other email service providers before you hitting send.

Embrace the power of the button module to enable file downloads, CTAs, meeting links, reply to buttons, and much more.

Start creating smarter emails & newsletters with the HubSpot Rich-Text module and SMART rule technology options.

Ready to get started?