HubCMS Theme Tutorial


In this Evolve theme course we're going to cover pre-defined layouts, theme settings, advanced settings, working with HubSpot CMS sections, columns, and modules. You'll learn the difference between HubSpot CMS templates and HubSpot CMS themes. We'll show you how to work with global content like headers and footers  as well as all the theme modules you get with Evolve. 

Ready to Evolve your website? Then enjoy.


The lessons below will help you get he most out of your HubSpot CMS Evolve Theme.
If you have questions past the course, please reach out. 

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Lesson 5:

Evolve Theme Settings


Lesson 7:

Page Only Settings


Lesson 9:

Module: Accordion


Lesson 10:

Module: CTA or Button


Lesson 11:

Module: Features Icon 1


Lesson 12:

Module Features Icon 2


Lesson 13:

Module: Features Icon 3


Lesson 14:

Module: Features Icon 4


Lesson 15:

Module: Features Icon 5


Lesson 16:

Module: Features Icon 6


Lesson 17:

Module: Features Icon 7


Lesson 18:

Module: Features Image 1


Lesson 19:

Module: Features Image 2


Lesson 20:

Module: Features Image 3


Lesson 21:

Module: Features Image 4


Lesson 23:

Module: Image Evolve


Lesson 24:

Module: Logo Slider


Lesson 25:

Module: Features Small


Lesson 26:

Module: Global Notice


Lesson 27:

Module: Social Links


Lesson 28:

Module: Video Embed


Lesson 29:

Module: Price Card Wide


Lesson 30:

Module: Price Card Image


Lesson 31:

Module: Price Card Text


Lesson 32:

Module: Price Card List


Lesson 44:

That's A Wrap!


What You'll Learn

Learn what a HubSpot Theme is and how to use the drag & drop editor,  & how to save time with the theme global setting.

We show you how to make sure all of your system pages look the way they should and are setup in correctly from the start.

Save time and mistakes by understanding and leveraging the many predefined layouts provided in the Evolve theme.

See how making one or several changes to your global content can create a consistent look to all your Evolve theme pages

See how to use the plethora of Evolve theme modules to quickly create any page layout your sales or marketing team needs.

Learn how to create great Pillar Pages with ease. Leverage table of contents, sections, & more for an amazing reader experience.