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HubSpot Web Analytics

In this course, you'll learn how to use the HubSpot Web Analytics tool to make smart decisions pertaining to your website pages. No longer will you have to worry about optimized blog pages, best-converting landing pages or sad website pages.

After this course, you will understand what you can measure, what it means, and what your team needs to change to be successful. So, let's hop in and remove the guesswork when it comes to your website analytics.


Lesson 1:

Getting Started


Measuring both the quantity and quality of traffic you're getting to your website as a whole or on a page by page basis is su...

Lesson 2:

How Does HubSpot Web Analytics Work?


There are two ways you can view web analytics in HubSpot. One simply navigates to your marketing dashboard and use the dashbo...

Lesson 3:

Web Analytics Dashboard Overview


In this section of the web analytics course, we do a deep dive into the analytics dashboard.

Lesson 4:

Dashboard Reports Overview


One of the secrets to making smart decisions is being able to see the data you are collecting as well as knowing what the dat...

Lesson 5:

How to Use Your Website Data


The other part of this conversation starts with what question am I asking and what data point or points help me answer that q...

Lesson 6:

Diving Deeper into Web Analytics


If you want to dig deeper than the dashboard allows, you can head over to the web analytics tool under reports in your main d...

Lesson 7:

Upper Website Analytics Overview


In this section we show you all the things you can view to help you make smart data-driven decisions moving forward.

Lesson 8:

The Deepend of The Web Analytics Pool


Are you ready to swim with the pros? Then let's scroll down just a little further on your web analytics tool. Here you will s...

Lesson 9:

Lower Website Analytics Overview


This section allows us to drill down a little bit further. Now, the first thing I will show you in this video is yes we can s...

Lesson 10:

Understanding Web Analytics like a Pro


Let’s dive into each data point you can find in your web analytic columns and explain exactly what they mean.

Lesson 11:

Full Website Analytics Overview


Let's do an overview of your entire HubSpot website analytics dashboard. Putting it all together to help you make smart decis...

Lesson 12:

Drilling Down Per Page Analytics


One thing I want to leave you with is this: You can go past your web analytics tool and that is by drilling down into individ...

What You'll Learn

Determine how to analyze your websites and measure the metrics that matter to your online success.

See how you can pinpoint problem areas of your site by using your web analytics reports and dashboard. 

Easily understand the data that is being reported and what that means for your daily digital strategy.

Manage your website success by understanding how to report at a per page level & drill into specifics.

Learn how to translate the data into actionable to do items for your marketing and creative teams.

Learn what metrics like bounce rate, time per pageview, entrances, & views to contact rate mean.

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