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1:1 Personalized Video

No matter if you've been creating personalized 1:1 videos for a while now and you want to make them even better or, you want to create your very first 1:1 video ever, this course will get you where you need to be.

Sit back and learn all you need to know to take your 1:1 digital communication and your video skills to the next level.

We cover the technical and human side of what makes 1:1 videos the best thing since face to face communication.


Lesson 1:



In this video, we share 4 ways to leverage storytelling for better 1-to-1 personalized business videos.

Lesson 2:

Breaking Patterns


In this video, we talk about 1:1 personalized sales and marketing videos and how humans are great with seeing change but bad ...

Lesson 3:

Video Goals


Wondering whether goal setting is important for your 1-to-1 personalized sales & marketing videos?

Lesson 4:



We talk about why introductions matter when it comes to your 1-to-1 personalized marketing & sales videos.

Lesson 5:

Customize Them


We show you six ways to customize your videos during the shoot and with video editing as well.

Lesson 6:

Solving vs Selling


In this video, we are going to talk about solving vs selling when it comes to your 1-to-1 personalized marketing & sales vide...

Lesson 7:

Hearts & Minds


If you want to make better 1-to-1 personalized marketing & sales videos, then speaking to and connecting the heart and mind o...

Lesson 8:

Feel Special


We share four examples of how to make people feel special and translate that into one-to-one video communication strategies.

Lesson 9:

Reverse Personalization


We show you how to take the trust your prospects, leads, and customers have for you and transfer it to the rest of your team ...

Lesson 10:

A/B Testing


We cover a couple ways you can A/B test what you say and what the viewer sees in your personalized videos.

Lesson 11:

Video Process


We talk about the perfect 1:1 sales and marketing video mentality as well as what to measure along the way.

Lesson 12:

Email Recipe


In this video, we talk about an easy four-step personalized email recipe for your marketing and sales videos.

Lesson 13:

Creating with GoVideo


Lesson 14:

Create with Soapbox


Lesson 15:

Create with Loom


Lesson 16:

Be Authentic


In this lesson, we talk about the importance of being authentic. We share the power of raw 1:1 video that focuses on personal...

What You'll Learn

Learn how to use storytelling to connect with the person on the other side of the screen.

See how focusing on solving their problem vs "selling them" can impact your bottom line.

Understand the power of A/B testing everything in your video & email communication process.

Activate the hearts & minds of your leads, and customers, with amazing personal videos.

Begin to leverage the tools you need to simplify & improve your video creation process.

Start to activate the most important ingredients for a successful video strategy.

Ready to get started?