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The burning question you might have is: “Why Sprocket Talk? How will they help me be better, do better, when it comes to HubSpot and my content/inbound marketing strategies?” If you’re an agency, you might even be wondering where you fit into this mix as well.

At Sprocket Talk, we focus on everything from bite-sized tutorials to webinars, and even full one-on-one HubSpot training. This means no matter what type of help you need, we most likely have a solution that fits in your budget, timeframe, and or needs.

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Sprocket Talk Free Resources

ST-ResourcesOur list of free resources is always growing! To find the latest and greatest you just simply need to head over to The Hub. That is where you will find items like our What Is, Inbound Speaks, and other series or miscellaneous pieces of HubSpot or Inbound content.

Sprocket Talk VIP+ Resources

ST VIP ResourcesAs a VIP+ member, you get everything you did as a FREE VIP member. Then, you also get access to weekly office hours, live & pre-recorded webinar gallery, discounts courses, group training, and one-to-one training upgrades.

As a VIP+ member, you will also get full access to our Sprocket Talk Slack channels as well as the Sprocket Talk team.

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Sprocket Talk FREE VIP Resources

ST - Free VIP PlusAs a free VIP member, you unlock a plethora of useful pieces of content. As soon as you signup, you will get access to our VIP tutorials, HubSpot updates, Interviews, episodes of Unpacked and more.

You will also get access to two free courses to whet your Sprocket Talk education appetite.

What are the free courses? You’ll find a 10-hr course on video marketing and a deep course on the HubSpot drag & drop email editor.

As a Free VIP member, you will also get limited access to our Sprocket Talk Slack channels.

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Sprocket Talk Group Training

Group TrainingWant to take your HubSpot abilities to the next level but are working on a small marketing budget? No worries, we have created these group training just for you. We gather 5 to 10 HubSpot users together in a group and schedule weekly 45-minute training to go over the Sprocket Talk HubSpot specific curriculum. During these training sessions, you’ll not only learn the tools but, learn the strategies that go along with them.

As a group, you will also have Q&A time during each training. These group trainings cycle every 3 months. All training is recorded so if you miss a week, you won't fall behind. We create each group based on the sales, marketing, or service tool you want to learn. All groups are created with no competitor or vertical participants.

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One-to-One & On-Location HubSpot Training

Over the years, we have seen HubSpot grow from a marketing tool to a sales and marketing tool to a sales, marketing, and web tool, and yes, finally into what it is today. A tool for sales, marketing, service, and web professionals. Truly an all in one platform for your company.

Sprocket Talk On-location Workshops

Onlocation TrainingReady to drink from a firehouse? Maybe you don’t have 6 to 12-months to become an expert at HubSpot. If that’s the case, you can get our Sprocket Talk trainers out to your location for a 1.5 day HubSpot Sprocket Talk Deep Dive Workshop. With these workshops, we will assess your HubSpot usage and understanding of pre-workshop. Then we will customize your curriculum experience for your team's needs. After the workshop, your Sprocket Talk trainer will help prioritize your action items and have three 30-minute follow up meetings to ensure your HubSpot success.

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Sprocket Talk One-to-One Training

Single TrainingWant a deeper training level or want our full attention? Join our one-to-one Sprocket Talk training. This one-to-one training allows for up to 4 employees from one company to be trained on the HubSpot tool. These are weekly 1-hour training session with time for Q&A during the training session. This training covers the entire HubSpot suite of tools and is usually for 6 to 12-month period.

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Become a SprocketTalk FREE VIP and get access to our Slack community channels, HubSpot tutorials, HubSpot updates, & thought-leader interviews.

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VIP+ Members get all the VIP FREE features as well as members-only webinars, monthly Office Hours, and discounted & free courses.

HubSpot 1-1 Training

Need a little more assistance? Maybe you have a team, or need one of our HubSpot Experts to help you get the most of the tool.