Andy Wang Become an Audio Influencer for Better Inbound Marketing

In this Sprocket Talk Inbound Speaks interview, we talk to the #Inbound19 speaker Andy Wang about his Inbound 2019 talk topic.

If you're interested in learning the how's and why's of podcasting to accelerate your business growth, then make sure to head to Andy's talk on Becoming an Audio Influencer for Better Inbound Marketing.

You will learn a few valuable nuggets in this interview as well as understand why, you should be in Andy Wang's session on Wednesday, September 4th from 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM. 

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Andy Wang

🎤 More About Andy Wang

Andy Wang is a Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital Management and host of the Inspired Money Podcast, a show that consistently ranks in Apple Podcasts top Business News charts.

Andy co-founded the Asian American Podcasters group. Runnymede is a fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) to companies, 401(k) plans, non-profits, and individuals. Andy is married, has three children, and can be periodically found performing Hawaiian guitar in the New York tri-state area.