Antoine Dupont on Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

In this 15-Minute Strategy Podcast episode, we talk with Antoine Dupont about Facebook video as a business strategy.

We talk about testing, targeting, and much more. Antoine shares some great examples, reasons, and mindsets to put into play as you journey down a video strategy on Facebook.

He covers the where, the why, and the how for getting started and saving money with facebook ads, and videos working in perfect harmony. 

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About the Expert

Antoine Dupont

Antoine is a recognized expert and strategist in digital marketing.

He’s an award-winning marketing agency owner and a speaker at national & international conferences. He combines 18 years in marketing and 15 years in the hospitality industry.

His first job out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.  Antoine travels the world sharing his strategy and methodology to marketers and business owners. His goal is to improve lead generation and business growth via his proven marketing strategies.


Full Transcript

Dan Moyle 0:08
Ready to spend 15 minutes with the experts you admire need strategy sessions from thought leaders brought directly to your ears. Welcome to the sprocket talk 15 minute strategy podcast where every week George B Thomas uncovers the challenges that sales, marketing and service professionals face and of course, the strategies to help them overcome their biggest hurdles. So sit back and set your sights on growth with these bite sized conversations filled with your strategy goals. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 15 minute strategy pod All right, sprockets.

George Thomas 0:37
Here's It's your boy George V. Thomas, and I am back with another episode of the 15 minute strategy podcast where we try to give you a strategy that you can focus in on and learn about in 15 minutes now it might take you longer than 15 minutes to do it. But hey, at least you're going to understand what you can do to make your business better today. I am so amazed excited. Just I don't even know how to tell you To get this guy on Anton, we have hung out for years gone to events and seen each other geeked out, but let's go ahead for any of the sprockets years that don't know who you are. Let's start at the very beginning of his journey when you're born. No, I'm just kidding. Let's talk about who you are, what you do and where you do it.

Antoine Dupont 1:17
Well, I was born on a Thursday morning. It was windy that night. All right, then I'm gonna skip to so I let me give you the 62nd right. I went to Hospitality and Culinary school got a job in a three star Michelin restaurant in London with Gordon Ramsay was the chef. I was 20 years old. So if you don't like me and you want to you know insult me You better bring your A game because I've heard everything I was I came in the US 30 years ago. So I've been a French citizen but now I've been I've actually spent more time outside of France than I have in France. In I was in the hospitality business was a meeting planner for few years. For big massive brands and they ended up doing some really cool stuff actually got to produce the Eagles twice in concert for corporate clients. So that was a whole bunch of fun 2001 saw an opportunity with marketing was more it was it was the meeting planning world was crazy was like, we call it a part time job where you only work 12 hours a day, right? You do whatever you want with the other 12 but went into marketing in 2001. And grew my agency originally we were doing mostly nonprofit organization. We were selling a CMS. So we were selling five to $30,000 a year type of products, sold a ton of it had a lot of fun. In 2012. My business was kind of like flatlining a little bit. I didn't know what to do. I went to HubSpot in Boston. And I was sick as a dog by the way. And the conference for me was like head wasn't sure and on the last Day, this guy by brand new guy you probably have never heard of called Gary Vaynerchuk came on stage. And it's as if he came out of the stage reached out to me and slapped me across the face with a two by four saying wake the f up and one and do something with your agency and just a light bulb when, by the way, as a note, as a caveat, George was at that conference too. And he actually thought that Gary was talking to him and I'm here to correct the record that he was talking to me. Why? Because this is a battle that we've been going for. But one day we'll settle it right. And I decided to go completely in marketing, right? Just say, Okay, I'm going to become a marketer. And I'm going to transform my agency which was primarily web design, content management system, nonprofit organization went completely marketing, immerse myself in that and now The last couple of years I've been a public speaker I actually sold my agencies to my employee and I this is my midlife crisis. And my wife thank me. By the way, she says thanks for not getting a tattoo a new girlfriend and Harley Davidson. Instead, I became a public speaker. And I've been doing this for a couple of years. So now I have this whole new world of public speaking and I'm on my way on Saturday to San Francisco to speak at the National realtors Association in San Francisco. They have a gathering of 25,000 realtors, and they actually told me that I'm not a keynote speaker of UC at that level. But I have a breakout they told me that my breakout will sit between six to 1000 people I'm like, dude, that's, that's not a breakout, you know, a breakout is like maybe 100 150 people. So I probably will end up having one of the largest audience I've ever spoken to. So that's exciting. So that's it in a nutshell.

George Thomas 4:55
I love it. And the thing that I want this Rocketeers to pay attention to is If you just follow your gut if you follow your dream, if you're willing to be a transition specialist life can take you into some amazing places. Now today I want to dive into Antwan, this part of marketing. And one of the things that I've watched you online that you're really good at and I want to deliver to the audience today is really Facebook marketing. And that can be such a wide conversation, there's so many things that you can do. But when you think of the the 20% the one thing if Anton, you could only do one thing on Facebook to market your business. What is that one thing that we can start to unpack and build a foundation of strategy for the sprockets years?

Antoine Dupont 5:42
Okay, it's going to be super easy. The three things you need to do on Facebook is videos, videos and videos, right? Just Just to make sure so first of all, if you want to win on Facebook, you want to go all in with videos and if you don't know videos, hire someone that knows video or learn how to do videos but it's it's video by a longshot. I believe a HubSpot is the one that came up with with a study that was recent. And then I've seen it between 1800 percent to 1200 percent, that videos are producing 1200 to 1800 percent more engagement and text and pictures combined, right? So that's 12 to 18 times, which basically what it means it means that what you and I want to consume is video content. Right? So that's, that's the first thing. The second thing is, which is really interesting, because I do play a lot on YouTube. I have a very active YouTube channel, the way we want to consume videos on Facebook is vastly different than how we want to consume YouTube. So I think one of the mistakes that I see people do is they produce a video for YouTube and then they take that video and put it on Facebook and then obviously it doesn't work. there's a there's a very easy answer to that. We like long form college. intent on YouTube. So the sweet spot is 10 to 12 minutes. Actually, my most popular video is 54 minutes long. This is the one that has given me the most traction so that just to give you a food for thought there, but on Facebook, we like short form content, right? So it's anywhere between 20 to 90 seconds. So obviously sweet spot being 62nd I would do video in a square format, which is ideal because people are mostly going to consume it on their on their phone. So that's, you know, that's for, you know, really what you should be doing. You should be doing videos, you should have them on square format, it should be about 60 seconds. Now, the segue goes into what type of content you should produce, right because we've got the type what you should produce in terms of content, but what type of content the one of the things that you need to know is that there is nobody that goes through the face to face book With an intent to buy, there's no intent to buy on Facebook. That doesn't mean we're not going to buy, but you're not going you're not opening up your phone in the morning and then you're going to Facebook with the thought of all I'm wondering, what's the latest thing in sale or what's what does George has to sell me today? Now you're going in there to see a latest location where George's this week, you know, do you something cool, you know, what did entwine what it and one, eight or he's at a birthday party with just like all kinds of fun stuff. So the intent of how we are on that platform is never to buy something. So if you go and systematically sell your stuff, saying, Hey here, I got, I got my stuff, buy it now. It's going to be a major turnoff. And this is usually why it doesn't work. It falls flat. So the type of content you should do is content that is educational. or entertaining at the core of it like the way for you to connect with a massive amount of people and actually the gameplay what I tell everybody is go indie how to world. educate people, give them stuff that is informative to them because they'll connect with you if you try to sell it, it's it's most likely not gonna not gonna work out for you. So that's um, that's Did I answer that? Well,

George Thomas 9:28
oh yeah, I think so. Definitely. So I want to kind of lean in a little bit to that because and I love that you started out with video video video and you have like video lights behind you and it looks like a studio wall behind you. And I totally agree people should either hire somebody to help them or learn how to do it themselves in video video video. I totally agree with that. However, when we think about Facebook, let's pull out a little bit from like being in the trenches and make video and put it on your Put it on your right. There's the question. So is it? Is it the profile? Is it the business page? Is it the group? So there's that segment of questioning. Right there, Antwan. Right. But then also Is it is it? Is it just a post? Is it an ad? Is it boosting a post? And so there's that question there. So, so what I want you to unpack for the sprockets ears a little bit is this whole idea of like, sure video, video video, and you're this type of video, but how do you present yourself as an individual or a business with that type of video? And how do you add some money? Or should you be adding money or should it be organic? Talk us through that?

Antoine Dupont 10:41
Yeah, so first of all, organic is dead. It's been dead for for a long while. I remember being at Social Media Marketing World. I wasn't there. The last one. So that was the one before so that was almost two years ago, where the CEO of the organization pretty much came out. Say organic is just dead, right? Which means that your post will reach maybe one to 3% of people at best, right, which I think it's probably more like than 1%. Right, which means that you're not going to reach anyone. It should not be on your personal profile, your personal profile, I have a personal profile. So I have a personal profile called Anton DuPont, which is me with my sunglasses on the boat having fun. And there is a professional profile, which is what I use to promote and do anything by the way, I don't do a lot of promotion on Facebook for me, but I do it for for other people. So you want to do it on your Facebook page. The reason why you want to do on your Facebook page is because one of the huge benefit of Facebook is its targeting ability, right? So you can target people by zip code by age by I mean there's the resources of you being able to target people Is, is really second to none, you can actually even target people that like your competition, like think about it, right. So that's, that's, that's the first thing so you can only boost or pay for ads on a professional page. So obviously you need to have that now, what I what I know for a fact and all the things that we've done is that not every single video content that you're going to create is going to work. They're not there simply or not. But again, another amazing benefit that you have is it's not going to take you more than seven bucks for you to find out. If you take any kind of video, so let's just say you created how to how to create an amazing ad on Facebook right 62nd video square format and I put it on, I upload it on my Facebook page. What I'm going to do is I'm going to boost it for $7 or dollar a day for seven days. Right? And then at the end of the week, I'm going to look at the data and there's a couple of points directly To look at, first of all, I know that $7 should reach close to about 1000 people. Right now, it's not a guarantee. It's actually approximately you're going to be reaching about 1000 people. So if you missed a video, and Facebook is Stelling you, okay, you only reach 500 people, then that means that Facebook looked at the algorithm and how people are actually behaving with the video and saying that is not a good video, right? Actually, if it would be 300 people, that means that your video really sucks, right? It's not good at all, which is the good news because the good news is what you've done, you've just created a 62nd video shouldn't take you an enormous amount of time to do that. And you've just invested $7 Now think about it in terms of you investing, for example, $15,000 on a billboard on I 95. Whether your billboard was successful or not, you have paid 15 grand with Facebook, all you visit all of you spend is basically $7 and maybe four hours of your time trying to deliver something between the filming the editing and all that. So it's just really a minimal input. So that's the first thing is the number of views and then I would have you set your, your video to through play. So through play is actually showing the video. It's actually a distinction of 15 seconds minimum watch on the video. So a view, according to Facebook is three seconds, right? So you're on your phone, you're looking at something, you turn your head because you see something, you come back and you keep scrolling. Facebook has counted that as a view. Now you and I know we didn't view that we did, right we just we're just scrolling by and everything. So that's good through place 15 seconds. So true play is actually someone that consumed the content, right? So it's 15 second to the end of the video and it doesn't make a distinction in middle. So then you take your number of through play and you divided by seven bucks, and what you want to what you want to do and what would be Good investment is up to five cents per through play. Right? If you're spending up to five cents for true play, that means that it's actually really cheap for you to get to actually put your content in front of people. If it's above 10 cents. It's way too expensive. So this formula that I just gave you is actually the formula that will prevent you from wasting good money after bad content. And what we have seen actually most of that strategy comes from a guy by the name of Dennis you why you and he has a company called team Blitz nation. And I've seen a lot of people talking about Facebook, and I saw him like about a year ago at a conference and I approached him at the end and says, you know, you're the Yoda of Facebook marketing, right? And he looked at me and it says, I've been called worse but he is and we've been testing that formula, and it works like magic because it's just it's an amazing so I don't want to take credit for this I didn't come up with that Dennis did, but I would highly recommend for you to, to test it. Now one of the things that Dennis actually says and we've we've actually have seen it in our in our testing is that about 10% of your videos are going to perform well, right, which means that in order for you, if you need to have three to five videos, well, you're gonna have to produce 30 to 50 videos in order to get those videos that are working well for you. Which means that the vast majority of your videos are not going to perform. That's kind of like the good news, bad news. You know, what do you mean? Like I'm only gonna have 10% I'm like, because I don't know, you know, I mean, like, we don't know what people are going to respond to. The other thing is you need to test it against different audiences. So you want to test it against a men of male audience versus female audience different zip code different area, I'd see if a video actually performs better with a different audience. And now maybe you could have a piece of content performance. Well, that so that's, that's in a nutshell, um, what I would recommend and I want to make sure did I answer your question?

George Thomas 17:08
Oh, absolutely. And so here's what I'll say, Anton, because with the 15 minute strategy podcast, first of all sprockets years, you should rewind that there's an entire roadmap and yes, we should get Dennis you on the podcast because he is a Facebook ninja Jedi, Yoda whatever you want to call, talk about this mix. But if people have questions, Anton like for instance, I'm sitting here, and I'm like, Oh, well, what what do I do when I find a unicorn? Or like how important is the lighting or the audio or all of these things that the sprocket ears might be wanting to know? Where can they reach out to you where do you want to send them to connect after they get done listening to this episode?

Antoine Dupont 17:50
my youtube channel forward slash antoinne DuPont a NTNED up oh Auntie, you go to my channel. This is where I'm this way. I'm active. This is where I'm actually this is I, I've made a decision, by the way, as a marketer to mostly focus all my energy into one channel as opposed to trying to you know, for me, what I noticed is that instead of being excellent at one, I was mediocre at all, because I was trying to divide my time. And I don't know how it is for the rest of you. But in Florida here, we only get 25 hours in a day. So we're limited by that number, right? It's just like you can do it also, you know, it's actually it's two, it's Facebook and YouTube, predominantly on on YouTube. So you can find me on YouTube and we can connect there you can subscribe to my channel and I provide I don't have anything to sell. So it's 100% educational content.

George Thomas 18:49
I love that. So there's a couple of nuggets just in that alone of like, drill down focusing on one thing to be great at it instead of mediocre but what I will say sprocket tears is it's video video video, its professional page. It is paying attention to small amounts of investment not losing money finding the unicorn and moving their focus on that and we'll see you on the next episode.

Dan Moyle 19:15
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