What Is A Buyer Persona

What is a buyer persona?

Great question.

A buyer persona is a fictional character you create to represent a prospect or customer who might consider doing business with you.

It’s helpful to create a narrative with a real name and an image, to really help humanize your customers - and prospects! Make sure they’re fictional. Don’t use one customer as a buyer persona template for all of them. 

Why are buyer personas important for your company?

Creating buyer personas will do a few things for your brand. Marketing uses buyer personas to drive the right kind of awareness and engagement

When marketers know who to go after, they can be laser-focused and more efficient. Plus it help you humanize your brand and speak to your ideal customers better.

For sales, buyer personas can increase efficiency in lead nurturing and help frame conversations to better-build trust.

When creating your personas, you could use a buyer persona template. Or you could start from scratch. Either way, consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better. 

So … How can you use them for your company? Here are a few ways.

Buyer Personas as a Conversational Tool

Use personas in your forms and conversational tools. Ask “How do you describe yourself,” then offer descriptions. For instance, one of our personas at Impulse Creative is Owner Ollie. So the answer would be, “I’m a CEO or Business Owner looking to grow my business.” This helps you segment your contacts from the beginning. 

Buyer personas for Smart Content

Use buyer personas in smart content on your home page. You can speak directly to the person and their journey by using the language that means something to them. Again, with Owner Ollie, if we know who you are at Impulse Creative, we can offer headlines like “We help Business Owners like you turn your website into a revenue source.” 

Buyer Personas for Content Creation

A well-defined buyer persona should include where they spend their time and where they gather information. This is why using data like surveying your existing customers is so important. You should have a good idea of what social media your persona uses, and how they research their problems.

This way you can produce the right content, push it to the most efficient channels - like do they read everything on Medium? - and use tools like social media retargeting to stay with them. But if they use LinkedIn and don’t use Instagram, then you’d want to focus your efforts in the right place.

Newsletter Specificity with Buyer Persona's

And finally, put those personas to work in your email newsletters. Personalization is more than using names and companies. What if you made a monthly newsletter with smart content? You could send Owner Ollie resources that matter to them, while sending Marketing Mary the articles that matter to her.

The content is likely different. So if you serve them the same old thing, your email open and click rates suffer and you aren’t bringing value. But if you put your buyer personas to work, you can use segmentation and personalization like a ninja.

Now that you know what a buyer persona is and why buyer personas are so important, make sure you are implementing them for your company’s success.

Make sure you're being happy and helpful, human along the way and let us know how you are using one-to-one videos at your company.