Customized HubSpot Calling Feature

Are you a sales professional or marketer looking to customize your call feature functionality inside the HubSpot CRM? If so, this tutorial is what you've been looking for.

We show you how to add in alternate custom properties tied to additional phone numbers to make your life easier!


About the Expert

George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas is an Inbound Marketing Marketer, Video Jedi and HubSpot Certified Trainer with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience. He leads the Impulse Creative crew in HubSpot certifications with 19 including Inbound, Email, Contextual, and Content Marketing.

George utilizes his love of teaching and learning to help companies find their way to growth via workshops, speaking engagements, business audits, and of course, Sprocket Talk.


Full Transcript

George Thomas
What's up happy home spotter? Are you a sales rep or a marketing professional using the call feature in the CRM? If so, then this tutorial is for you. Let's go ahead and get into the good stuff. That's right. I'm your Boy George B. Thomas from of course, sprocket talk calm. And today we're talking about the HubSpot CRM, the call feature and being able to add an additional number that you can call from and some people don't know this, but there's the main number and of course mobile number. But what if you create a custom property that is additional number or secondary number or any version of a phone number and a custom property that you want? How can you add that into your calling system. Let's go ahead and dive into the hub. And we're going to actually look at this right now. So as you can see, we have in here the information or the section where we can make a phone call. We're going to go ahead and click on that once we have that open We're going to see that we have the drop down area right here at the top, where we can then see that there's the phone number and the mobile phone number, and then the company phone number. But what if we want to add a secondary or additional number, notice right down here, we can add another phone property. When you click on that, you're gonna get this drop down, which then you can use the search feature. And if you have done something like additional number, or secondary or number, I don't care what you name, the custom property, but it's holding a phone number that you want to call. You're gonna find it in this section right here, and you're going to be able to add it in now I will say once you get that added in a bonus or a wish list item that we wish you could do is drag and drop those around. So maybe that additional or secondary number should be at the top or second. And with that may be the ability to actually remove mobile phone number what if you don't deal with with mobile phone numbers, so if you're working at HubSpot, and you're watching this video, maybe let us actually move the numbers around and delete numbers we don't want in that call feature. But again, if you're that sales rep or that marketing professional at least you can get that additional call property inside of your HubSpot calling feature. Listen, make sure you use the custom properties that you need. Make sure you're using that call feature and the call queues to speed up your day. Make sure you're being a happy, helpful, humble human. And along the way, let's make sure we do some happy hub spotting