Dani Buckley How to Build a Sales Play in 30 Minutes or Less

In this interview, we talk to Inbound 2019 speaker Dani Buckley.

We talk about #INBOUND19, sales teams, marketing teams, sales plays and so much more.

Dani shares who should be in the room at his INBOUND 2019 session and why they should be in the room as well. She talks about how many companies waste time when it comes to creating their sales plays. Her advice, just do it!

Some key takeaways are:

  • earn the key components that make up a sales play and why they're important
  • Best practices to consider when building a sales play so you can ensure it’s strategic, useful, and effective
  • We’ll walk through, step-by-step, how to build a sales play and you’ll leave with a reusable framework to replicate this process over and over

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About the Expert

Dani Buckley

General Manager

Dani has been a thought leader, consultant, and educator in the inbound marketing and sales enablement space for over 7 years and also has an extensive career in sales prior to that. She currently runs LeadG2, a top-performing, HubSpot Platinum Partner agency. Prior to that, she spent years in both marketing and B2B sales roles.

This unique background allows her to combine her skills, passions, and talents to support organizations in achieving real business results that are long-lasting and multi-dimensional.

She lives in Seattle and travels extensively for both work and pleasure. She most enjoys spending time in her camper van with her husband in the beautiful PNW!


Full Transcript

Dani Buckley 0:00
I think people get really caught up in this kind of stuff and overthink it and will think and talk and analyze and try to plan for it for months and I've even seen organizations for years.

George Thomas 0:15
In this video, we're going to talk about hashtag inbound 19 sales teams, sales plays and so much more. Our guest inbound speaker, Danny Buckley, Hey, you know what time it is. Alright, sprocket talk viewers and listeners. It's your boy George V. Thomas. I'm back with another episode of inbound speaks where we're talking to speakers that will be at inbound. got kind of meta real quick. But today we are talking to Danny Buckley and we're talking about how to build a sales play in 30 minutes or less. Danny, that's quick. First of all, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Which is good.

George Thomas 0:54
But let's start at the very beginning. Let's start at the very beginning here because here's here's the deal. We'll get into the topic. We'll let you know who's going to actually want to be in that session who's going to get the most value. But first of all, there Danny is about I've heard somewhere around 30,000 people, which is scary and exciting at the same time traveling to Boston for inbound. Some of them don't know who I am. Some of them don't know who you are. So let's just go ahead and start with who you are, what you do and kind of where do you do it at.

Dani Buckley 1:26
So I'm the general manager at leiji. Two we're an inbound marketing and sales enablement agency we're HubSpot partner. We've been doing this for let's say it's about eight years now eight or so years. So kind of from the ground up with the HubSpot partner program. And our parent company is the Center for sales strategy, which is a 36 year old sales consulting and training company. So we really kind of have our roots in our DNA in sales. And so that kind of why I tend to talk a lot about sales plays and stuff because it really We tend to never have a marketing client that we don't involve a lot of sales strategy as well. So it's kind of how we do things. And as far as me, I live in Seattle. And I've been in this space for about that same amount of time, eight years. And prior to that I was an advertising sales in radio, actually, for many years. So it's sometimes Nice to be back in this spot. I used to do some radio in my day.

George Thomas 2:21
It's cool, because when you say eight years I my mind, Matt went immediately to Oh, you did inbound before inbound was cool. Yeah. Which is fun. And, you know, I think we started in 2012. So it might have been right around the same time. And it's been interesting to see this dramatic change in a lot of people's mindsets, but yet not in some of removing the silos between marketing and sales and right, you said we're a marketing agency, but we're rooted in sales. And and I really hope and pray that someday, it'll just be revenue teams. Yes. It's a sales and market. But But I digress. So folks are coming to in inbound. They want to know if they should go attend your session. They're trying to figure out, well, is it going to be valuable? And what am I going to learn along the way? So let's just start with Who do you think Danny should have their butts in the seat like, Who's gonna get the most value out of your 2019 session inbound,

Dani Buckley 3:23
anyone who's involved in revenue generation, for their, their company of all kinds, I think I'm very purposely creating this in a way that it will be applicable to b2b and b2c, but it's definitely skewed b2b, just at the, you know, unless you have an e commerce I mean, people can buy your product that click of a button, your this isn't really gonna be applicable. But for anyone who has a salesperson involved in the sales process, this is going to make sense so sales managers, CEOs, business owners, all of that, but also marketing folks, too, because so much of what goes into a sales play has Think means that involvement of the marketing department and thinking about what is the content we need? What do we need to be saying? Do we are we positioning is this in line with sales strategy? So it's kind of annoying answer like it's great for everybody. But people that absolutely have to be there are definitely the sales folks and whether your salesperson sales leader, anyone in charge of revenue,

George Thomas 4:20
you know, it's funny, we've had a bunch of speakers who have said, everybody, yeah, and I'm like, I don't know if you want all 30,000 now, but but I'll put a kind of bow on what you said, I agree with sales, sales managers, but really anybody who wants to learn how to build a sales play in 30 minutes or less, which by the way, if you're a marketer watching this, it should be you like helping to lead the way helping to break down those silos, helping to understand what the heck a sales play is in the first place, maybe depending on who you are and how involved you've been with this. So Danny, let's help those folks who are going to be in the room and who are thinking about being in the room. Understand And what are a couple of nuggets that they might hear or learn along the way in your inbound 2019 session.

Dani Buckley 5:05
So we're obviously going to get into what a sales play is and why it matters. I'm going to show some real life examples of different types of sales plays for different types of scenarios. So I really want to I like to bring I like to create presentations that are exactly what I want. So I like to have real examples, lots of information moving fast, and, and then lots of tactical. So we're, we really are gonna, I mean, the bill of sales made 30 minutes short, a little bit of clickbait there. But we're going to cover it in 30 minutes or less. And really, people should be able to walk out of there with even having, like, they can have the, I guess the outline of a sales play ready to go in this 30 minutes or less. And that really is true. So the big nuggets are going to be they're gonna know the exact steps to take to kind of have the strategy who needs to be involved, what they need to do, and I'm going to also talk about best practices and things that we've learned over Are you Many years of sales strategy development of just what should you be thinking about to follow best practices? So you're not kind of just saying, okay, I can create a play, but I don't really know what I need to be doing. So knowing that there's differing levels of people that kind of are already know what they need to do, but just want the framework versus people who kind of need a little more guidance. So be kind of a all of that, but moving pretty quickly.

George Thomas 6:26
I love that I heard best practices. I heard framework. In my own mind, I was playing around with like a playbook or a roadmap to be able to get Yeah, what you need to do. I love that super valuable. And also in that section you talked about like, I want them to walk away with, you know, that leads me to our last closing question here. What's the hashtag one thing I mean, they've journeyed from like Australia, New Zealand, like England, like Spain, like all over the place. They've heard you give all the value in the talk. They stood up there giving you a standing ovation round of applause. What's the hashtag one thing that you hope that they take away with them as they head to their next session

Dani Buckley 7:07
just to do it? I think people get really caught up in this kind of stuff and overthink it and will think and talk and analyze and try to plan for it for months and I've even seen organizations for years talk about building a sales playbook for instance. And it's just just do it either hire someone to do it or do it yourself. It those are your two options, but don't wait. Don't dilly dally and just do it. And here's the steps run with it. Make it happen.

George Thomas 7:34
You heard it here don't dilly dally just so Danny's talk is how to build a sales play in 30 minutes or less. It's critical that every sales team is properly prepared to follow up with nurture and engage prospects throughout the sales process or your inbound marketing efforts could be wasted. It's critical that every sales team is properly prepared to follow up with you nurture and engage prospects throughout the sales process or your inbound marketing efforts could be wasted by creating strategic sales plays that outline the steps, timeframes, content and resources they need for different types of inbound leads and many other sales scenarios. You're setting your team up for success. You're also helping your salespeople work smarter and faster so they can ultimately turn more SQL into customers. This is the secret to achieve real measurable ROI. Hey, did you like this video, then make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that bell as well for instant notifications. And so we know that you're part of the sprocket talk community, we can't wait to see you at inbound 2019 But until then, make sure you're focused on being a happy, helpful, humble human. And as always, make sure you're doing some happy hub, spotting