Dean DeLisle: Steps to Becoming a Digital Business Influencer [PART2]

Are you looking for the steps to becoming a digital business influencer? This week we carry on the conversation from last week with Dean Delisle.

In this 15-Minute Strategy podcast, Dean DeLisle shares more of his 8 tips to business influencer nirvana.

He shares the good, the bag, and the ugly of navigating the thought-leader journey as well as the number one thing to have in place as you start.

If you are ready to become a digital business influencer, this 15-minutes with Dean will be priceless. 

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About the Expert

Dean Delisle

For over 30 years, Dean has demonstrated his ability to accelerate companies, stimulate business development, and improve operational efficiency. In 1981 he started his career at Merrill Lynch within Computer Operations, helping to launch the first telecommunication systems to delivery trades from all over the world, and clear through the Chicago headquarters.

He left to start his own technology firm, to then develop call center technologies for Sears, Discover, Blue Cross, MBNA and others in the insurance and credit card industries. Then as technology evolved, he transferred his skills from the back office to the front office, applying his skills to CRM and front line online automation. He quickly adapted and found ways to assist clients with channel sales development with the use of technology, digital education and onboarding methodologies. In 2002, he developed a channel support platform that was used by companies like Baxter Labs, Computer Associates and other Fortune 500 companies.


Full Transcript

George Thomas 0:08
Ready to spend 15 minutes with the experts you admire these strategy sessions from thought leaders brought directly to your ears. Welcome to the sprocket talk 15 minute strategy podcast where every week George B Thomas uncovers the challenges that sales, marketing and service professionals face and of course, the strategies to help them overcome their biggest hurdles. So sit back and set your sights on growth with these bite sized conversations filled with your strategy gold. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 15 minute strategy podcast. Alright, sprockets here as you've been waiting, well, probably three or four days because we release these on Tuesdays and Fridays. Have you figured that out already? But here's the thing, we stopped in the middle of a very important conversation, a conversation on business, digital influence and the things that you should do. We talked about goals. We talked about strategy we talked about today. thing and story, all sorts of stuff if you're coming in midstream right now listening to me and you have not listened to the last episode, the one right before this, where Dean DeLisle just dropped some bombs, you need to go back, listen to that first and then come back to this what Dean for those that were with us on the last episode, and the people who are refusing to stop play and are going to go listen to the one after they listen to this one, because people do that. let the audience know once again, who you are, what you do and where you do it at.

Dean DeLisle 1:28
Yeah, thanks, Dana. While I'm committed to helping you build your digital influence for yourself, and or your organization by humanizing the brand, that means that we help connect you to external influencers are going to take you on the ride with you, or your organization and help build that influence for your brand. Or we go into your organization and we help activate the people that are advocates for your brand already, and we turn them into the ultimate influencers with content development, storytelling and a whole bunch of fun.

George Thomas 1:58
So Dean last week, we start started this conversation that is how to get found and be known. And we're going over really what you said would be eight, maybe more as I asked questions, but eight steps to digital business influence. And again, we're kind of halfway through the conversation. We stopped with kind of the story and building that out and testing it. Once you have these foundational pieces that we've been talking about, what's the next step? Where do we had what do we do? Where do we go?

Unknown Speaker 2:26
Yeah, excellent question. So remember, we started with the goals what why we went into the targeted network and who you're going after who you're having a conversation with, who you want to attract. And then we have your persona or your story that you're telling. The next step is then is going to be fun. So what's your favorite sports team?

George Thomas 2:46
Oh, man, I'm gonna get hate mail after this. But I would say the North Carolina Panthers, the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Cavs to Cleveland Indians. Can anybody tell that I used to live in Ohio

Unknown Speaker 3:00
I can tell and those colors are sort of on the verge of Browns colors, right? But,

George Thomas 3:06
but for everybody who was like, Oh my God, is it No, it's HubSpot. And it's sprocket talk.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
Yeah. Right. And we love HubSpot, because of you, George, by the way. So Nice job. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
So, so really, it's about building what we call your ideal network or social team. So if you think about, you know, the good years and the bad years, we're in Chicago buddies. So we have good and bad years all the time. The Bears had a great year last year, and then all of a sudden, they have a terrible year this year. What makes the difference between a good year and a bad year and a good team and a bad team? Well, we have each and every person, whether they're on a career path or sales path, build the ultimate team. So imagine if you George, were the GM, for your team, who would be the best people that you would select as your top starters. So right so the Cavs pick whoever is going to go on the floor and we know that they have some name players, but the starters shifts. Sometimes based on trades every year because they want to get to another championship, they want to get to a championship, right? Every team wants to get to a championship and we should be hungry. For our championship. That means hitting our sales goals, that means getting our revenue to a certain level. That means taking our career to a certain place. So who are the people that you're going to select to spend your time with because the one thing that we can't negotiate, unless people time travel like you and I and multi versus we can't negotiate how much time we have in a day, how much time we have in a week or in a year. We can't negotiate that, but we can control it. So we have to decide who we're going to spend that time with. So imagine most everybody listening has been to a networking event of some sort. When you walk in there, you have a choice of who to talk to and some events you walk in, and you're like, Ah, this was a big waste of time. Well, you didn't strategically go in with the intent to meet the right people. And to plot to get to the right people in the first place. I'm going to challenge That, or maybe it was totally off. Maybe you're an attorney and you went to a doctor's thing, who knows. But the idea is you have to pick the right place. And you have to really tactically go for the right people. And then as you build people in your network on your team, the people you choose to have a relationship with you now all of a sudden begin to become a cluster or a hub of thought, leadership, and you become known in your network because you're building a network to be known in but you have to have the intent to pick your team. So I want to challenge your audience right now. Are you running with the right team based on the goals that you're trying to achieve? Do you have the right people? And I would also challenge that when you log into social media today or yesterday or this morning, or whenever you last went in? Did you choose to be with those people that are going to take you to that next level? Or do you choose to be with the people that are keeping you where you've been

Unknown Speaker 6:02
I can look at your face. I love your face.

George Thomas 6:05
I think my brain just exploded. listens Rocketeers, listeners and viewers. I'll go even one step deeper because how many of you are lone soldiers? How many of you are fighting the good fight by yourself? And how painful is that? But Dean even when you talked about like going to events and this being a waste of time, it's funny because as somebody who always loves and leans into the serendipitous of life, it's it sounds like that's the enemy when you're playing with strategy and networking and building this team. The other part that I really want to pull out, so people don't mistake is because when you hear who would be on your team, a lot of people might think, Oh, well, I need a writer. And I need you know, a videographer and I need a coach and I need a water boy. No, no, that's not the case. That Dean is talking about Dean when you started to really get into who are the other influencers? I'm gonna date myself, but I started to think about the Rat Pack, right? Like, yes, four or five guys and hung out together they sung individually, but they also then would come together and it was it was this power group, right? Who is viewers, listeners? Who is your power group? How can you build that power group? Here's, I'm gonna ask you a question, Dean for me. I want to build that team. What's the easiest way to build a team or other influences actually wants you to be part of their team as well or to position the fact that there should even be a team and feel like a very human thing to do?

Unknown Speaker 7:46
Well, it's easy. Remember, we have goals and objectives. So let's say you want to land one, I don't know for more HubSpot accounts per month, right? So you need to have people that have clients that have CRM initiatives or marketing automation initiatives, we'll just break it down that easy. So so you would want to have people on your team that possibly already have a network of people that could be potential prospects for you. Or people that could be have, you know, maybe they're in complimentary type business or type area of business. So they might be great partners to have. They might just, they might just be really good connectors and networkers into those ideal targets that you want to have as well. They might not even have a product placement in there. They just happen to be well connected to business owners. And you know, so for instance, business advisors, we help cluster together accountants and attorneys and financial advisors and and insurance people because they can be complimentary and we help make sure that those networks so if somebody is going after manufacturing companies from 10 to $20 million For 10 to $15 million, those same people have them in their network and that network, and that team begin to work together in harmony, really taking things to that next level. And we do this with internal sales teams. We do this with people that are clustering on the inside and the outside and individuals that just want to be top performers. And like you said, entrepreneurs and business owners don't operate alone, man, that's the one mistake most of us have made. Where we're like, you know, we're cooking stuff in the kitchen, and we're hoping it's gonna taste good, but we don't have anybody around us to go taste this is gonna have too much salt. Is this right? Is this right? We need people around us that are going to tell us the truth. So we can develop the very best stuff to put into the marketplace. That's good.

George Thomas 9:42
You gotta you gotta have people to help you test. And this is the messaging. This is the story. I would even say the alignment of goals like if you're not having those deep conversations with multiple people, like you're trying to do it all on your own. That's That's no bueno. Dean, what's up, I heard a breath. So what I

Unknown Speaker 10:03
say, only because I want people to know the spirit of the good relationship is mutuality. So even though you want those people to help you, you want to be able to help them and have the intent to help them as well. So I just want to make sure we're thinking that way.

George Thomas 10:19
And I would even say that's probably the most human way to engage in, hey, I want to build a team. By the way, let's start with how can I help you, and then it you build that reciprocity, and all of a sudden, they're helping you because you first kind of initiated your caring, your empathy, your humaneness, and that always is a win win win situation, but

Unknown Speaker 10:42
don't do the generic How can I help you? Why don't you listen to them and how they want to be helped because they'll tell you in their story or in the conversation, and then show up with good introductions or referrals for them based on the help that they need. That will show that you actually care in their relationship.

George Thomas 10:59
Got to actually Dean, what's the next step? The next thing? How do we take this and just continue to move it on to where you are becoming the best streamlined strategic business influencer digital influencer out there?

Unknown Speaker 11:14
Yeah, I'm going to say content content content and thought leadership, high value content. So there's, there's a lot of different sciences around the mix of content and the type of content and things like that. So we all know, video is hot. So if you can have something like this, where you're shooting the video, getting the message across and, and really providing value to those that are listening, like and that's what I love what you do with these segments, because they're short, they're concise, they help people walk away with actionable items. We really want to make sure that we're eat whether we're sharing someone else's content or we're producing our own content, we're providing value. Okay, so we have enough of us have said that for about a decade now. So but the idea is, you know, you're not Showing up to sell you're showing up to provide value to your network. And then don't forget about your team. What if you and your team actively shared content together in agreement because you have the same audience and now you're playing together and you're connecting together, and you run into in thought leadership packs together. And that's when that social team really becomes humming on the same page. And we put things out and we're there for each other. And we're really liking commenting and sharing things together is when the magic really happens and people see see you in each other's networks. And it's just phenomenal. In fact, we even have special engagement booster packages, where we have busy people or employees and we help get them identify and get them into those networks where the ideal targeted clients exist. And they go in there together. It's very tactical and very methodical, and it works 90% of the time, together. Get those appointments and those people that you want to get.

George Thomas 13:03
It's funny Dean, as you were talking about that I had two visuals come to my head, I'm gonna unpack them and I'm sure you'll have something to say about it. I imagined one digital influence or one thought leader out in a field by themselves for the shotgun shooting in the air just at anything that they could the other visual I had was the conductor in front of an orchestra, and being able to just make magical music and have you know, the violins play at the right time. And the drums kind of bring up the, you know, the crescendo. And really, when I heard you talk, I was I think the visual came to my head because I'm seeing what is the typical person out on the digital world, all by themselves, creating this content and then just just sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn anywhere they can, and then the thing that you're explaining right now, these teams It's a group of people that are creating magical musical digital moments for their audiences. Yes, amen. Dean, is there anything that we haven't covered about being a digital influencer about the story, the goals, the team, that we need to make sure is in there that we're not going to make mistakes or anything along those lines?

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Well, one of the things just like you have your 15 minutes, we have people get into a routine of 20 minutes a day. And those power moves that we talked about, I believe early on is the fact that rather than make this hard, we want quick moves that we can make, whether they're a minute, two minutes, three minute moves, that really helped produce some sort of an effect or result. So as you're logging in, have that daily commitment and we say put it in your calendar of when you're going to be actually building those relationships and make it fun. You know, just just Put an appointment with yourself, you know, five days a week, 20 minutes a day that just says building relationships or call it social selling whatever you whatever is relevant to what creates your juice. And sometimes you put your goal in there. I'm building my digital influence, right? So imagine if in your calendar every day, it popped up at 7am, or whatever. And it said, I'm building my brand. I'm building my story, I'm creating my legacy, whatever it is for you. And that popped up every single day. And then we insert cool little power moves about going in and playing with your team online. And really creating that with the intent of going in there logging in and pulling out a referral or pulling out an appointment and going in with that intent. So the only way that's going to happen, is it First of all, you have the intent, you block the time and then you have a commitment to measure those daily results. So today when you log in, did you come out with a referral? Did you come out with an appointment Is that a good or a bad thing? You know? And maybe you can have some we have some other goals that you can play into. If you're looking for speaking, did I come out with a speaking lead? So when you go in, did you come out with what you intended just like you're a hunting thing when you went into the field? Did you just spray a bunch of bullets? Or did you actually come back with a bunch of geese on your back or whatever you're hunting for? It's like, you see people on the internet, they're holding up all this game that they shot you're like, well, what the heck did they do differently? I'm sure they had a little bit different plan than you did. Maybe even their network told them exactly where to go.

George Thomas 16:34
Here's the thing, wrapping this up, because again, 15 minutes druggie podcast, it's so easy to get to that 15 minutes, but I feel like the end of this conversation before people take all the action of the last two episodes because there's a ton of action that they can take to become that business digital influencer. I feel like to give them the best service the best best value that we can, would be to ask you this question. And that is Dean, are there any myths about being a digital influencer that we need to debunk before we set them on their way?

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Yeah, don't don't buy a piece of software to do this. Nobody can replace you. I mean, you can augment it by having coaches, trainers or people that create content and help you do it like we do. But, but even though there's good tools out there, don't believe that there's a single tool that you're going to just plug your stuff into, set it and forget it. There is no influence it is built using that mechanism ever.

George Thomas 17:33
Dean I love that you brought up coaching and consulting if people want to reach out to you if they have questions if they need help building a team, setting those goals becoming the business, digital influencer that they want to become Where do you want to send them?

Unknown Speaker 17:46
They can go to Dean DeLisle comm if they'd like me to speak or like to have me, you know, help help them out personally with my coaching. My organization is social jack calm and we have a whole Academy and a team of coaches. There. We have plenty of classes that you can take for free as well as courses you can purchase from us and programs that are 90 day sprints. So if you want to be, take your influence to the next level start to finish we have 90 day programs that you can rock and roll and make that happen at social jack calm under programs

George Thomas 18:19
Rocketeers, be the best you build the best team and we'll see you on the next episode. Did you enjoy this episode of the 15 minute strategy podcast, we'd love to know. leave a rating and written review wherever you listen to your favorite shows and keep that learning going by visiting sprocket talk comm sign up for your free membership and in that membership area, you can find bundled episodes where we combine like strategies to help you grow better make the world better and share this episode with your friends and co workers who may be battling this same obstacle. You can always reach out to George B. Thomas on Twitter with questions or guest suggestions or just to talk about your favorite Marvel superhero. I go out into the world and leverage this strategy for your success. And we'll see you on the next episode. The 15 minute strategy podcast