Doug Davidoff The Ultimate Sales Manager: Coaching Your Reps to Coach Themselves!

In this interview, we talk to Inbound 2019 speaker Doug Davidoff.

We talk about #INBOUND19, sales managers, coaching reps to coach themselves, and so much more.

Doug shares who should be in the room at INBOUND 2019 and why they should be in the room. He talks about how scoreboards are important to your sales rep self-coaching abilities.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Learn how to find a sales playbook that works
  • Use templates, sequences, and playbooks to enable and align your team
  • Understand how to report on sales KPIs using HubSpot

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About the Expert

Doug Davidoff

Founder & CEO
Imagine Business Development

Doug Davidoff is the leading advisor for small and mid-market, high-growth companies that want to align and leverage the strategies, technologies, tactics and processes throughout the full funnel. Doug’s unique approach integrates real-world research (done in the field where leads are created, and sales take place rather than in a laboratory) with systems design to generate methods that drive results. It doesn’t take long (typically less than 5 minutes) for someone who meets Doug or hears him speak to think, “Wow, this guy sees things that other’s are missing…and he makes sense!” His insights not only motivate, they create change. He’s worked, firsthand, with more than 1,500 companies (and seen their financial statements), so he’s learned what works and what sounds good, but doesn’t work. His advised more than a dozen companies who have successfully sold for a combined value of more than $1 billion.