Dylan Sellberg How to Think Like a Product Manager to Supercharge Your Growth as a Marketer

In this interview, we talk to Inbound 2019 speaker Dylan Sellberg.

We talk about #INBOUND19, product management, marketing growth, and so much more.

Dylan shares who should be in the room at his INBOUND 2019 session and why they should be in the room as well. He talks about how marketing and project management are very similar in many ways. He also shares one thing to think about before you head into his Inbound 2019 talk. Do you think this way? Listen to find out.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Learn how to communicate your marketing triumphs across a wide network of stakeholders most effectively
  • Learn how to implement an MVP process to get your ideas to market faster
  • Understand the 5Cs of Product-Market fit and ruthless prioritization can be applied to your marketing campaigns

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About the Expert

Dylan Sellberg

Product Manager

Dylan Sellberg is a Product Manager at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA. He started his first business at age 11 and has been learning ever since. Today, Dylan collaborates with HubSpot design, engineering, and product teams on the HubSpot CRM. Prior to HubSpot, Dylan worked at Catalina managing the multimillion-dollar portfolios of Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson.

He holds an M.S. in International Marketing and Brand Management from Lund University in Sweden, a B.S. in Sports Management, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

When he’s not solving business problems through product development, you can find Dylan running around the Charles River, on the golf course, or on the squash court!


Full Transcript

Dylan Sellberg 0:00
Really the funny thing about marketing and product management is both of those roles are like a bit ambiguous inherently.

George Thomas 0:11
In this video, we're going to talk about hashtag inbound 19 supercharging your growth, thinking like a product manager and so much more. Our guests inbound speaker Dylan selberg. Hey, you know what time it is. Alright, sprocket talk viewers and listeners. It's your boy George B. Thomas, and I'm back again with another inbound speaks. And today we get to talk to Dylan selberg. Dylan, let's go ahead and start from the very beginning because well, there's about 30,000 people coming to Boston to attend this event called inbound 2019. Some of them don't know me, some of them might not know you. So let's start with who you are, what you do and where you do it at.

Dylan Sellberg 0:51
Awesome. Thanks, George. Really excited for inbound this year. My name is Dylan selberg. I am a product manager at HubSpot and I specifically work on the About CRM, we're building the core foundation of everything you do in HubSpot every single day.

George Thomas 1:05
Yeah, and I hope everybody watching this viewers and listeners that you do realize that the CRM, the database, if you will, is the lifeblood of what we can do with all of the HubSpot tools. So I'm super excited that Dylan is speaking at inbound, and that we're speaking to him in this interview. So Dylan, here's the thing. We're trying to help people who are traveling all the way to Boston to understand what rooms should they go into, where are they going to get the most value? And so when you stop and think about the talk, that you've crafted the value that you're going to add into the inbound ecosystem, if you will, who do you feel will get the most value to have their butt in a seat during your inbound 2019 session? First of all, you know,

Dylan Sellberg 1:49
everyone should come to my room and hear this talk. But most specifically, the title of my talk is how to supercharge your, your growth as a marketer by thinking like a product Manager. So it's targeted specifically towards marketers. And those in that that really, the funny thing about marketing and product management is both of those roles are like, a bit ambiguous inherently. There's not really a textbook for AI, there's certainly tactics and practices and things you can do. But we really, really want to be talking to marketers in this talk about how to think like a product manager to actually like, kind of supercharge your growth, where you have some really interesting tactics. And because at the end of the day, I think, you know, building a great marketing campaign is a lot like building a product. So I want to relay some of those experiences down to two marketers. But in reality, I think that this would be a great fit for salespeople as well.

George Thomas 2:43
I love the idea of a campaign and building a product and the layers and all the depth that there is there are things that you have to pay attention to. So your talk is how to think like a product manager to supercharge your growth as a marketer. It's pretty like exactly what you just said in that session. And to be honest with you, it's a super awesome. But Dylan, what are some nuggets along the way? Like, what are they going to hear or learn about at your inbound 2019 session,

Dylan Sellberg 3:09
I actually started my career as a marketer, a lot of the things that I'm talking about, I at least have a decent amount of evidence that I think it will work in retrospect, since I've been a product manager, I have not been a marketer again, but I can really like based on my past experience, see these things, you know, kind of tying back to the the profession of marketing specifically in my talk, there's there's three real keys I want to get out. The first is how to bring ideas to market faster. I know a lot of time marketers are, you know, kind of spending a lot of time thinking and strategizing and trying to get that perfect recipe going. We do that in product to how to really get your market your ideas to market faster is the first thing. Second thing is really understanding that product market fit, making sure you're delivering the right thing to the right people at the right time for the right reasons, is the second thing I want to talk about, or I'm going to talk about at inbound this year. And the third thing thing is communication, communication internally and externally, mostly internally, really, I think marketers have this really interesting role that product managers also kind of struggle with. And it's that kind of like, proving value on paper, right? If you're a salesperson, it's very evident if you've hit your quota. If you're, you know, in finance, it's very obvious that you're doing your job. But in marketing and in product management, sometimes you kind of have to evangelize for yourself a little bit. And you have to do that effectively taking the triumphs that you have as a marketer, and learning how to package those into really consumable bundles to help you grow as an individual as well. When you think about

George Thomas 4:37
product manager and you think about the marketing campaign and you think about the CRM.

Dylan Sellberg 4:43
Is there one tip or one nugget that you think people should be focusing on? Now until inbound and even past inbound have like a tip or a trick or a hack or a mindset that you inevitably go to? I would be interested at you know, if you're watching this video, You're coming to my talk inbound. In the meantime, start to think about how you're iterating on your marketing campaigns. start to think about how you're iterating in your in your day to day. I know a lot of times, it's all about making like that perfect solution right out of the gate. But just start to be aware of your willingness to maybe accept ambiguity upfront, learn from how things have worked, and then iterate from from there on out. So just start to pay attention to how you're doing that as a marketer, because the first section of my talk is going to spend a lot of time talking about iteration, talking about how to ship something small but meaningful, and then work from there to make something like more grandiose for sex rockets,

George Thomas 5:39
our viewers and listeners, did we just hear Dylan say that things shouldn't be one and done, that everything that we're creating should be changing over time and getting better? Maybe testing? Hmm, anyway, Dylan, I want to ask you, all the people have come like 30,000. Some of them have sat in your session you've given value to the world. They stand up and give you a standing ovation around of applause. As they leave for the next session, what's the hashtag one thing that you hope they all take with them?

Dylan Sellberg 6:10
I think it's a really new and innovative way of thinking to maximize impact. There's a lot of tried and true practices in marketing that go really well for marketing, learning how to take some of those product concepts and translate them over into marketing. an entirely new way of maximizing your impact would be the one thing you heard it here. Learn how to maximize

George Thomas 6:29
your impact. So Dylan's talk is how to think like a product manager to supercharge your growth as a marketer in this inbound 2019 talk HubSpot, Product Manager Dylan selberg, will discuss how the practices and principles of product management can be applied to deliver remarkable results in today's marketing landscape. Some key takeaways you will get from this inbound 19 session are learn how to communicate your marketing triumphs across a wide network of stakeholders most effectively learn how How to implement an MVP process to get your ideas to market faster. And of course understanding the five C's of Product Marketing fit and ruthless prioritization and how they can be applied to your marketing campaigns. Did you like this video then make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that bell as well for its notifications. And so we know that you're part of the sprocket talk community, we can't wait to see you at inbound 2019 But until then, make sure you're focused on being a happy, helpful, humble human. And as always, make sure you're doing some happy hub, spotting