Easily Create LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads Within HubSpot

Today, we’re making it even easier to build Lead Gen Ads by bringing them into HubSpot’s ad tools. Now you can create, target, and publish Lead Gen Ads without leaving HubSpot! All conversion data and contacts automatically sync back to your HubSpot reporting and contact database. Plus, with the pre-filled details from LinkedIn, you’re more likely to get detailed, accurate data for each lead.

Here's how it works:

Within the ads tool, click create campaign. Here, you’ll now see the option to create a LinkedIn lead gen campaign, in addition to Facebook lead ad.

The creation flow for LinkedIn lead gen ads is similar to the creation flow for Facebook lead ads. With LinkedIn lead gen ads, you’ll be able to leverage employment information in your ads targeting, like current employer, job title, and more.

Who gets it?

This is now live to all users of HubSpot’s ads tool -- free through Marketing Hub Enterprise.