Email Your HubSpot Dashboards

Are you needing to send your metrics that matter to a non-HubSpot user? Or, do you want an easy way to see the metrics yourself and build out your monthly presentations? In this tutorial, we show you how to easily achieve both.


About the Expert

George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas is an Inbound Marketing Marketer, Video Jedi and HubSpot Certified Trainer with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience. He leads the Impulse Creative crew in HubSpot certifications with 19 including Inbound, Email, Contextual, and Content Marketing.

George utilizes his love of teaching and learning to help companies find their way to growth via workshops, speaking engagements, business audits, and of course, Sprocket Talk.


Full Transcript

Being able to pay attention to the metrics that matter really matters even if you're not a HubSpot user. You know what time it is? That's right. It's your boy George B. Thomas back with another HubSpot educational video, and today we're gonna talk about dashboards. We're going to talk about reporting the metrics that matter and how you can actually get those dashboards and metrics to people who are not HubSpot users and why even you as a HubSpot user may want to use this functionality. Listen, simple dashboard repeatable dashboard metrics to your inbox. It's only one click away. Let's go ahead and dive in and get into the good stuff. Alright, so here we are on well, any of your favorite dashboards to be honest, for me, it's going to be the sprocket talk dashboard. And what we want to do is go under actions and under actions, you're going to see that we can email this dashboard. Now once we click that, we're going to get this Slide out. And if you just want to email as a one off, you can totally do that. Like you're just trying to present some information to somebody one time or the magical thing about this is you can make it a reoccurring email. Now once you say that you want to make it a reoccurring email, you want to give it a nickname. So in this case, we'll just call it sprocket talk dashboard. So the next thing that you want to add is recipients. So make sure you know if it's two or three people that you're going to add them because the next time you come to add people to a reoccurring email, you're not going to see those three or four people sure they'll be getting the email, but it'll look like you're creating a new email this dashboard section. So what I always suggest is if it's going to be two or three, go ahead and do the two or three at one time and then you can be done with it. Now Next, you're going to have email subject lines, we'll go ahead and add that in. I notice here I've said sprocket talk monthly dashboard and then a short message that you can add and then notice Monthly, but you do have the ability to select a frequency. So if you wanted to do a daily dashboard for a particular reason you could weekly or in our case we're going to do monthly, then once you do that you can actually schedule a certain time. So in this case, we'll say 9am. And then do we want it to be the first or the 15th. And I will let you know, if you pick weekly, you can actually do delivery date on a Monday and the time and if you do daily, then you're going to see that you can pick time but we're going to do monthly, we're going to do 9am and we're going to do the first versus the 15th in our scenario, and then the attachments. I love this part because under attachments, you can send them a simple PDF, which will probably be good for most people or a PowerPoint file with the information in them or one of my favorites is a zipped folder of PNG. So if you have your own PowerPoint or Keynote, or however you present and you just want the graphics, the images of the data To be able to put into your already created presentation, bam, you're good to go here. So in this case, we'll do zip of PNGs. And then you can send the dashboard without filters or send with filter. I always usually choose to send without filters because I can click in and dig into the actual data if I want to filter it, but depending on who you're sending this to, and one of the magical pieces if they're not a HubSpot user, and you need to send it with filters, you have that ability. Once you're done here, you can go ahead and preview it, you can cancel it or you can hit schedule email. So there you have it simple and easy, yet effective. Those are things that I love to grab ahold of in HubSpot and run with. So make sure you're figuring out Hey, do I need those zip files of the PNGs? Or do you need to send an unfiltered view to a non HubSpot user either way, while you're figuring all that out, make sure you're focused on being a happy, helpful, humble human. And of course, let's do some happy hub spotting together along the way.