Filter Internal Traffic - UPDATED 2020

Do you need to filter internal traffic from your website analytics? Are you trying to have the cleanest data possible in your HubSpot Marketing Hub?

In this HubSpot tutorial, Chris from Sprocket Talk will show you exactly what to do inside your HubSpot portal to achieve data delight.



Full Transcript

Christopher Zook
Are you concerned about having accurate data? In your traffic reports in HubSpot? Are you concerned that you may be counting internal employees as visitors on your website in those HubSpot reports? In this video, I'm going to show you how you can filter out specific IP addresses to make sure that your traffic data is as clean as it can possibly be. filtering out IP addresses can sound like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff. After all, is it really that important to make sure that your employees aren't counted in your traffic figures when you're only at 10 or 15? person company? The answer is yes, because those figures can inflate your data artificially. When you look at your HubSpot reports over the scale of years. As a result, it's critically important for businesses of any size to make sure that you're not counting your own employees in your traffic data. And it's just that easy. That's how you can filter out internal traffic including yourself from your HubSpot traffic reports. Keep in mind that if you work in an office building, you may only need a handful of IP addresses to filter out to accommodate your entire company. If you work with a remote team, you're going to need every individual person's IP address that works at a different location to make sure that you're not counting them in your traffic analytics. When you do that your data is going to be more accurate and you're going to have the numbers that you need to know in order to help grow your company and your marketing presence online through HubSpot. Now all you have to do is go and set it up to start login to HubSpot. Then come up here and click the Settings icon. Once you're here, come over to the left hand menu and scroll all the way down to where you see the term tracking codes. Click that menu and then come up to the tab that says advanced tracking. Once you're here, you'll see all of the site domains that you're hosting on your HubSpot portal. Once you're here scroll all the way down to where it says exclude traffic. This heading will show you your IP address and then a box that says IP addresses to exclude to ensure that you're not counted in your traffic analytics, just highlight this IP address, right click, click copy and then paste it into the box that says IP addresses to exclude. Once you have the IP addresses you want in this box, you come down here and click Save. And that's all there is to it. Please note that if you have a remote team or if you have people who are working in different locations, you will need to use every single IP address of your team in this box to ensure that none of your employees are counted in the traffic analytics that you have in HubSpot. I'm Chris with sprocket talk. Until next time, keep being a happy, helpful and humble human and as always happy hub spotting