HubSpot Account Defaults: HubSpot On-boarding

In this Sprocket Talk tutorial, we cover one of the first HubSpot on-boarding tasks you should complete, When getting started, you will want to set your timezone, date, and number format as well as language defaults.

We also show you what defaults each HubSpot user can change specific to their account and needs. Make sure you are completing all your HubSpot on-boarding tasks to get the most out of your HubSpot Hub.


About the Expert

George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas is an Inbound Marketing Marketer, Video Jedi and HubSpot Certified Trainer with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience. He leads the Impulse Creative crew in HubSpot certifications with 19 including Inbound, Email, Contextual, and Content Marketing.

George utilizes his love of teaching and learning to help companies find their way to growth via workshops, speaking engagements, business audits, and of course, Sprocket Talk.


Full Transcript

In this video we're going to talk about getting started with HubSpot, what account defaults you need to get set up and why those defaults are vitally important at the beginning of your journey with your HubSpot onboarding. Are you ready to get started with HubSpot then? Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive education that helps you be better at HubSpot then. Welcome to sprocket talk. That's right. It's your boy George B. Thomas from sprocket bring you yet another HubSpot educational video brought to you of course by the amazing team of impulse creative if you're a sales, marketing or service professional looking to learn more about HubSpot and inbound strategies to help your business grow. then guess what you're in the right spot. Make sure you subscribe to keep learning more and use the comment section below to ask us all those inbound and HubSpot questions that you may have. Now let's get into the good stuff you can and you should customize your timezone language currency and the date and number format of your account in HubSpot, you can set a default for all of these settings for all new users in your account. As a matter of fact, let's take a couple minutes and show you how to set up your HubSpot account defaults right now. So of course to get to your account defaults, we are going to head over to the Settings icon here in the top menu navigation area. And of course that will take us to the settings and account defaults. Now there are three major things that you want to focus in on here. First of all is the timezone. And in your account defaults clicking on the timezone drop down menu will allow you to select the time zone for your account. This is very important because it's actually localizes several of your HubSpot tools, including the scheduling of your emails, the scheduling of your social messages, and of course, your analytics. There's a lot of time based things happening in your sales, marketing and service tools. So you want to make sure it is the right time zone. Also you can set your currency. And of course you can see if you hover over any of these eyes set currency for revenue and deals. Of course this goes on to the sales side. So just simply click the currency drop down menu to select the currency that revenue and deals will appear in any your account. If you're a super admin in a professional enterprise account, you can learn how to also add and manage multiple currencies in HubSpot, but for most folks, you're just going to pick the single currency that you need. And of course you want to select your language so click the language drop down menu and select one of the supported languages. This setting changes the default language of the HubSpot interface. So it's pretty important if you are English, then it's going to be English. If you are not well then pick your preferred language pro tip custom properties will not be translated. So again, make sure you've got your timezone your currency and your language set up for your account defaults inside of HubSpot pro tip the language and data number format settings can also be customized on a user by user basis. And this comes in very useful for many global users. Let's take a quick look on how you can do this for your individual HubSpot portal or for each individual HubSpot user. Or might I say how they can do it. Of course, you might want to do this for each individual. So how can that individual do that? Well, they can go up to their preferences and profiles section. And you're going to see here language and date and number format. Now for the language that drop down menu, you'll be able to select of course the supported language. And changing this setting allows you as the HubSpot user, or the HubSpot interface to show the preferred language for that individual person. So if you have some folks that are English, and some that are well other additional languages, they can pick what works for them. Also, if you want to change your date or number format, you can again do the drop down and select what works for that user in that section. Once you have your account default set up, you can move on to the next HubSpot setup items on your list. However, remember as you hire or bring on more users into your HubSpot account, to let them know that they can adjust their own portal for their needs. Hey, sprocket tears Did you like this video then make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that bell as well for those instant notifications. And so we know that you're part of the sprocket talk community, make sure you head over to sprocket for more actionable and tactical HubSpot user resources. It's been an absolute pleasure. But until next time when we meet in the next video, make sure you're focused on being a happy, helpful, humble human. And as always make sure you're focused on doing some happy hub spotting