New HubSpot & Canva Integration

Are you ready to create some dope social images with ease? Ready to get more customized to your audience's visual needs and therefore possibly get more engagement? Then you are going to want to learn about the new HubSpot and Canva deep integration. Hey, you know what time it is.

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In a minute, we are going to head over to the workstation and dive into the HubSpot Canva tutorial but first, let's get you up to sped with the latest change.

HubSpot recently released a new in-depth integration with the online design platform Canva. This HubSpot and Canva integration will help HubSpot users save time and design beautiful social images with the click of a button.

And guess what, it is all done within the HubSpot Marketing Hub.

The new social Canva Button brings the Canva experience right into the HubSpot platform so HubSpot users can design ads, banners, and social graphics, and then publish them to their social media and other marketing channels directly from their HubSpot Hub.

With the new Canva Button, we can now:

Easily create and add imagery to our marketing assets in fewer steps. Beyond uploading existing images in HubSpot, we can now load Canva and begin creating an image with one click.

We can also publish assets directly from the Canva platform to HubSpot landing pages, emails and more.

Now, let's head over to the workstation and get into the good stuff.

Now, I have to be honest, I just started to scratch the surface of what you can do with Canva now inside of HubSpot.

Make sure you leverage the photos, elements, text, and background elements to create your own custom images. Also, don't forget that you can upload your own assets into Canva as well as create folders, color pallets, and more.

My suggestion, learn more about Canva by heading to then, take an hour or so and do a deep dive into playing with Canva in your HubSpot portal and get creative!

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