Jason Falls: Digging Deeper - Make Creativity Your Business Advantage

Wondering how creativity plays into your business strategy? In this episode of Inbound Speaks, we talk with Jason Falls about digging deeper and how it can impact your business strategies. We also talk about Jason's new book, his podcast, and how you can and may want to leverage influence.

Digging Deeper - Make Creativity Your Business Advantage Podcast with Jason Falls at INBOUND
Creativity is a path to problem-solving, a way to captivate, build meaningful connections, and inspire action. In this weekly podcast from CORNETT, host Jason Falls interviews creatives, executives, and thought leaders to see how they harness the not-so-secret weapon of creativity to create business advantages.

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls is one of the most widely read and respected voices in the digital marketing and social media industries. His digital strategies have touched a number of the world’s most iconic brands including GE Appliances, AT&T, Valvoline, Buffalo Trace, Humana, Rawlings, Maker’s Mark, Tempur-Pedic, Fireball Whisky, GM and more. Falls leads digital and social strategy for Cornett, a full-service ad agency in Lexington, Ky. His forthcoming third book on influence and influencer marketing is due from Entrepreneur Press in late 2020/early 2021. He loves the kick-ass state of Kentucky, sports, and bourbon.