Kelsey Formost: Three Copywriting Skills to 3X Results

In this Inbound Speaks interview, we chat with Kelsey about her INBOUND 2020 session Three Copywriting Skills to 3X Results, no matter what business you are in. She shares who should be in the room and why. She busts a myth, shares a tip, and inspires the non-writers in the room.

My Cheat Sheet: 3 Copywriting Skills to 3X Results- No Matter What Business You're In

Copywriting is one of the most valuable business tools in existence, and yet it’s often overlooked.

When you know what to say and how to say it, you're able to connect instantly with your ideal audience. Good copy creates connection, and connection creates conversions.

I'd love to share the key principles of copywriting with the inbound audience (clarity, connection, conversion) and teach them how to incorporate those values into everything they write; their website, social posts, content, emails, you name it. If there are words on the page representing you & your business, copywriting can help.


About the Expert

Kelsey Formost

Kelsey Formost is a writer, educator, and copywriting expert helping entrepreneurs write words that open hearts, minds, and wallets. She specializes in teaching business owners to think like a copywriter and triple their results. She has been featured in Business Insider, Glamour, Refinery 29, BossBabe, and more.

Full Transcript

George Thomas 0:00
Alright, inbound attendees, it's your boy George B. Thomas, we're back with another episode of inbound speaks where I speak to speakers that speak at inbound about inbound topics. I made it through that one the entire way, probably the first time ever. But I'm excited today, as always, because we're talking about something that I feel is really, really, really, really, really, is that enough release important to your business. Like if you don't have this down, the rest of what you're trying to do might get a little bit crazy. But hey, before we get into too much of the deep end of the pool, let's roll that bumper and get into the good stuff. All right, Kelsey. So you are now with the inbound attendee audience who are watching these inbound speaks. I want to start from the very beginning so people can start to get to know you a little bit more. Like maybe explain who you are, first of all, and then a little bit of what makes you tick.

Kelsey Formost 0:54
Absolutely. First of all, thanks so much for having me. I'm so excited to be part of the inbound family. I've Been a fan for such a long time and this is my first time actually speaking at the event. And to give you a little bit of background on who I am and what I do. Hello, I'm Kelsey formost. I'm a copywriting expert and the founder of magic words copywriting, but I don't just write copy for other people. I actually specialize in teaching entrepreneurs how to write words that connect, convert and sell. And the biggest myth that I see a lot of people come to me with is they think, oh, but I'm not a writer, I suck at writing some English teacher in the sixth grade gave them a C on a paper on The Grapes of Wrath, and they're, they think they're not a writer for the rest of their lives. But the coolest thing about what I do and what really makes me tick is I love showing people that all copywriting is is little psychological magic tricks that you pepper and through the way you communicate, that triggers your reader to take desired action. So that's what makes me tick. I love making that little cartoon light bulb go off over the top of people's heads that you know what I don't have to be a, quote unquote, writer to be good at copywriting and at the very least, to learn some key copywriting skills. So that's what my inbound speaks. session is about, and I'm so excited to get into it.

George Thomas 2:24
Yeah, I love it. This the idea of Connect, convert and sell is amazing and wonderful. And it's funny, I love that you're going down this road, because for years and I mean years, I wasted so much time talking about not being a writer. And then one day I had this epiphany that I'm like, No, actually, what I am as a writer, but I'm not an editor, and I'll leave that little bone for all of the people that are watching. Chew on that one for a hot second because what we need to do is we need to talk about who should be in the room who should attend Your inbound 2020 session. And why should they attend this session.

Kelsey Formost 3:04
Anyone who feels intimidated by the idea of writing for their business should be in the room. copywriting is like the redheaded stepchild of the marketing world. nobody really talks about it, they kind of forget about it. It's not as sexy as you know, some of the other sleek marketing terms. But it's actually, in my opinion, the most valuable skill that you can learn because it never goes out of style. It's not dependent on some platform or some algorithm. It is completely tapped into how we already operate as human beings. And so anybody who just feels like there's this wall in front of them when it comes to communicating like they can't figure out how to get an email that has a good response or they can't figure out how to word their website to lead towards more conversions. copywriting help Every single kind of business, and it also just helps in life like the other day I used a copywriting trick to get my boyfriend to watch a particular movie I wanted to watch. He's in the other room probably hearing this and going Hey, but it's true. copywriting is just a way of getting people to give you what you want.

George Thomas 4:20
I love it because it ties back to what you kind of skirted right past the beginning is the psychological triggers. And and here's the thing, I totally agree with you like if you're doing a podcast, guess what, at some point that podcast is going to need some copy. If you're doing video in like YouTube or on your website, it's gonna need some copy, like you want to write a blog article or you got a product or service. Did you realize there's going to be copy like so it is like, that's why there was really, really really so like, I really, really, really think this is important. So with that said, Kelsey, we of course we don't want to give away the whole farm because we want them to attend your session inbound 20 20 but what is one tip that people could start to think about or work on? Now and in between now and your session inbound? 2020 would say you.

Kelsey Formost 5:10
Great question. So my session inbound is three copywriting tricks to triple conversions. And I go into clarity, connection and conversion. And so right now I'm going to share one of my favorite little nuggets from connection. And we talked about psychological tricks, right? copywriting is just tapping into the human brain in order to make someone more likely to make a decision. You're coaching them towards a decision and one way that you can do that. We all know we're supposed to put things in the customer's voice, right? We're supposed to make it about them, not us. But one of my favorite nuggets write this down guys, is to do what I call review mining. What you're going to do is you're going to go into your own reviews, and you're Gonna go into the reviews of your competition. And you are going to notice that key words and phrases are going to pop up again. And again, they're actually repeatable things that you'll notice people are saying over and over, literally copy and paste those phrases, and put them into your own copy. What you are doing is you are tapping into people who have already opted in that is your ideal customer, right? Someone who's already bought the thing, and who is willing to buy or invest in a product that is either yours or like yours, and you are literally taking the words right out of your customer's mouth, so that when a new person comes to your website, they go, Oh my gosh, it's like he took the words right out of my mouth. Because you did. Hmm.

George Thomas 6:51
Yeah, maybe rewind that little section right there. Cuz that's a good tip. I mean, because as far as like, there's this thing like mirroring and connecting, and if you're doing that visually or verbally, like it's super powerful week, I could go nerdy with you on that the whole time. It's funny that the other one of the other things that you talked about was clarifying. And I'm like, yo, people, you got to simplify your junk. Like sometimes you just get too complex when you're trying to, we don't need all that we don't need all that I definitely will be attending this session, because I know those major points that you're going to be talking about are really, really important. Now, here's one thing because somebody might be watching this interview, and they're like, I just don't know like copywriting, like, maybe give us a myth that you hear. That's about copywriting that you just want to take time to bust it right now. So it might open somebody's mind to actually like, okay, okay, maybe, maybe I do need to dive into that topic.

Kelsey Formost 7:50
100% I think a big myth. Well, we kind of talked about a little bit at the beginning that you have to be a copywriter or a writer or super creative in order to write effective copy for your business, and that is 100% not true. copywriting the textbook definition is it's just the art and science of coaching someone towards taking a desired action. Once you learn that science part, the art is just your personal brand. And when you put those two things together, that's where the magic happens. But another thing that I would love to address with this audience in particular, is that copy isn't all about sales. I think that that is something that sometimes people feel a little bit icky about, like, Oh, I'm, I'm tricking somebody into buying something. And that's not true at all. What copy is, is you are just effective, more more effectively, telling people how you can help them and how you can make their lives better. It's earning trust. If you do copy the right way and copy by the way does doesn't just mean written words, it can be like you mentioned on your podcast, like a podcast intro, how you introduce yourself, a bio, a trailer, a video script, a keynote, speech, all of that anywhere, you've got words that represent who you are and what you do. That's copy. And if you know how to show up consistently and earn people's trust, then eventually Yes, that will lead to sales. But it's about so much more than that. It's about building something that's sustainable, and ethical, frankly, and trustworthy so that people know that when you show up, you're going to do it with integrity, and they can trust you. You just

George Thomas 9:43
hit the magic word right there, trust or trustworthy, we're all in the business of trust. That's what we're trying to do. Because then that unlocks the gate to a lot of things, the heart, the mind, the wallet, all those places that you're trying to get to as a business. So here's the thing at the end of Your session the audience stands up, they give you a raving round of applause. And of course, this year, it's gonna be virtually but what's the one thing the kind of big idea that you hope people grab on to and kind of run with as they move forward?

Unknown Speaker 10:14
right how you talk.

Kelsey Formost 10:17
I want people to know that they can write how they talk, you do not have to have some big fancy course that teaches you how to completely change the way you communicate. How you talk, and how you relate to people in real life is gonna get you farther than any marketing class and any buttoned up writing class is ever going to teach you. It is okay to embrace how you communicate already, because that's what's going to make people come to know you like you. And again, magic word, trust you

George Thomas 10:55
write how you talk people, that is the only thing I'm going to say on this Because while you're figuring out how to like, undo everything that you've thought you had to do in your brain, and just start writing how you talk, we'll be here waiting for you. In the next episode