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In this episode, we talk with Remington Begg from Impulse Creative about using an LMS "Learning Management System" as a business strategy and how you can leverage HubSpot as your LMS in the future.

Are you looking for a way to turn your HubSpot Hub into a learning management system? In this interview, we talk with Remington Begg about the HubSpot learning management System that is HubLMS.
Remington talks about three ways this can transform your Inbound strategy and business success. He also covers the feature set of the HubSpot LMS. Last but not least we unpack things we have learned from doing Sprocket Talk over the past two years.

Remington also shares a coupon code for HubLMS.io so you can get started today!

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About the Expert

Remington Begg

While Rachel runs the behind-the-scenes business at Impulse Creative, Remington is at the helm of our ship, keeping the whole crew on course. He’s proud to have hand-picked every member of our team and stockpiling as much industry talent as we can squeeze onboard. Always a bit of a showman, our fearless leader lives for that “lightbulb moment” when clients suddenly see the big picture of a complete marketing strategy.

Even before Impulse Creative was a Wayfinding Agency, Remington had strong ties to the ocean, grew up on the island of Bermuda, and spent 7 years of his childhood living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. In fact, he visited more than 25 different islands before settling in Florida and attending Flagler College for Graphic Design & Advertising.


Full Transcript

George Thomas 0:00
Alright, sprocket tears. We're back. And today I'm super excited because we're talking about something that well seems like it might be impossible but is possible and actually is something that a lot of companies should start to think about. And that is an LMS or learning management system and how that fits into inbound. But it's not going to be me talking to you today in this video. Well, I will be here along the way to guide us sprocket tears, but we're going to be talking to Remington bag and we're going to talk to him because we have launched That's right, we have launched something spectacular Remington why we get started here. Why don't you just for the sprocket tears that don't know which I'm sure there's maybe one to five that don't know who you are, explain who you are and kind of how you fit into this and also then just go into a little bit about the hub LMS and then we'll go into the interview.

Remington Begg 0:48
So thanks for having me on George. This is fun, long time. So I'm Remington bag from impulse creative. I'm the founder of the agency. We also are the ones That, George and I work on building out sprocket talk for all of our viewers. So we get to do a lot of like a few like mad scientist things in the background, using HubSpot, so that we can bring them back to everyone. We are, you know, we, what's it been a year and a half. I think sprocket talk was like officially, officially a domain, if you will. We've learned a lot of things over that timeframe. And one of the things that and I'm sure you can agree, George, was that building a community and this concept of like a learning management system has completely changed the way that I think about inbound marketing from an acquisition tool, all the way through to a customer onboarding tool. Like it's really like sprocket talk as a as an entity has has done that and it's partially it's in part two How we built it out with these courses in these videos in these tutorials. So that brought us to What does v two of this look like for sprocket talk? And so everyone's getting a little bit of a preview of what to what to expect for the sprocket talk audiences. But also there was a lot of people that reached out and they said, How can you build sprocket talk for me? And so what's been fun, we've, we've built a couple of these. Now, we went back in and one of my tasks that I that I challenged myself with, as I was working on this was, how do we make it so that you don't have to touch any code whatsoever, because sprockets is still a little nerdy in the back end, to get it to operate the way that it needs to be. So so that's what we did. So hub lms.io is the website you can see a free demo on there and talks about all the features, but yeah, hub LMS was born and so it's been publicly out for a couple weeks now. We've got a couple dozen people who have purchased it. It's available as a theme for your HubSpot website. And it is compatible with HubSpot marketing hub, as well as the HubSpot CMS pro and HubSpot CMS enterprise so as long as you have the ability for custom templates you can have an LMS on your HubSpot portal

George Thomas 3:25
those Rocketeers I will second everything Remington said plus I will let you know that the idea of memberships slash community slash nurturing slash education like this big ball of wax that I think every company No matter if you're b2b b2c heck it's all p2p person to person that we should be focusing in on but Remington my next question for you and let's back up before we get into the air quotes nerdy side of hub lms.io. Let's kind of unpack your brain of why you think it's important for companies to focus on this LMS learning education, what does that give their community? And what do they get for actually investing and creating these courses or these learning areas that they can build? I think there's three

Remington Begg 4:15
obvious areas. And I think there's just an immense amount of options that you can go from there. The the big, the big one being, customer onboarding, right, like HubSpot Academy does that. Less now from a customer onboarding standpoint, and more now from an acquisition, which is the next one is a customer acquisition tool, right? So we've got this information in our brains, we've got the ways that we operate and there's this either way of wanting to make things more efficient or wanting to make sure that the perceived value comes across and right now nowadays with currently that the the health disaster that we have going on worldwide There's a lot of people looking to learn. And there's a lot of companies looking to pivot. And so I think that there's, you know, there's an immediate opportunity for companies to really rethink and how they're delivering content. But I also think that there is a huge public hunger for information, especially like profession professionals that may be misplaced for their jobs right now and that kind of thing. So. So when we think about the three, the three core areas, the the customer onboarding is like, obvious, but also one of those things that people don't really systemize right. Then you've got the acquisition that I just mentioned, similar to what the HubSpot Academy is doing. And then there's then it's making a business out of it. I talked to you know, I've I've had the pleasure while we were in beta with the hub LMS to talk to some companies and how they're using courses to acquire but it's been really fun to talk to the ones that actually uses it as a core business function. You know, so the acquisition that making sure that people are in there, and one of the biggest areas that we saw that people were having issues with was with the automation. Like you come in for module one, how do I get you to come back to Module 10? Or module 20, or one guy I talked to has 70 modules, right? So, so if you think about that, there's a lot of limitations. And there's just so much opportunity, if you, you could slice that up so many different ways across those three areas I just talked about

George Thomas 6:32
one thing I will say sprocket tears, as we've done sprocket talk, the perceived value meaning the true value that you're providing through a learning management system. It's amazing because it's not an ebook. It's not a guide. It's a checklist. It's like an OMG. They have a course on that or they have, you know, bulk education on that. And so, immediately, people are like, Oh, yeah, why wouldn't I from the acquisition standpoint and the conversion rates the conversions Right, Steve, I'm gonna tell you, it's just a really interesting thing to watch this happen and I want to see it happen for your business. Now Remington, I want you to talk a little bit deeper about, they go to hub lms.io. And they want to take it for a test drive. What does that look like? What are they going to be able to play with? What are they going to learn? As they get into this? Like, do they need to be super nerdy? Is it going to be super easy? And by the way, at the end, maybe in throw in something around the fact do you have to have 70 modules? Oh my gosh, that's a lot of modules.

Remington Begg 7:32
Right? No, you don't have to have 70 modules. But but so when you jump into the hub LMS there is so we've done this like two ways we've got the test drive is essentially a the entire thing as an example about how you could work and use it as an acquisition strategy for the record. They come in from the from the landing page, which is our test drive. And then they we've got special features in the theme that allows for it to automatically delay the load of the page after the form Submit. I'm getting a little nerdy here, but it's an important detail that you can't do out of the box and HubSpot even. So we've got all this functionality pieces, just like baked in to the theme. When you when you get into the test drive, you're going to get a series of workflow, emails and automation that unlock you for certain modules that you know, if you go through and watch all the videos, then you get a bonus module. And what it's doing is it's kind of flexing all the muscles on the things that we thought were the most important, you know, in order to really leverage it. On the the flip side, the test drive is also the beginning of the course that we put together on how to implement the hub LMS. And so I believe I've got 10 modules that are open right now and I've got another five pending based on the feedback from the beta. That is going to be how to build and use This in your HubSpot portal. But it's not going to get crazy nerdy, the nerdiest we're going to get is creating lists and workflows, you're not touching code I might make you might make you add one field. But the features are really exciting to me because we've got everything from being able to take, you know, have a certification or a quiz at the end of your course, to having questionnaires on a module by module or lesson by lesson basis. So you can go through and capture all that info and you don't have to worry about it integrating with HubSpot, and I'm gonna say that again, you don't have to worry about integrating your LMS with HubSpot, because your LMS is HubSpot at this point. Once you add this theme, and down the road, the data is just going to be so immensely powerful for you to be able to really leverage it the way you need to

George Thomas 9:57
Rocketeers. I want you to Want to rewind a little bit and with the 1015 modules that Remington has put in to the hub lms.io he's walking you hand walking you through the ability to make a course to make educational content, it might be five modules, 15 modules, 20 modules that will help you either acquire more potential customers or onboard the customers that you already have or both because remix and I want to I want you to talk about how you can do multiple courses in a year. And also like maybe even lean in a little bit more into the importance of what you kind of blew past by and features is being able to do a quiz and have certifications and what that means to the actual community or the folks who are going through these courses or classes that you're creating

Remington Begg 10:47
the feature sets. We went in and we looked at we did some market analysis and we realized what people are looking for. We want to make it again as as lightweight as possible. From a left point of view, let us do all the lifting but not actually having to pay us from a service point of view to do it. And so you know, some of the features you can, you can modify the theme. So it's using hub spots, new theming functionality, which makes it so that you can choose your colors to match your brand. You don't have to touch any CSS code to do it. It's just color pickers and font pickers. And then you know, the certification and the quiz. The technical way that it works is you get the option, the opportunity right now to create a question for every single lesson modules. So if you have 10 lesson modules in your course, you have the option for 10 a 10. question quiz, multiple choice at this point. That was like the number one sought after thing it really wasn't like I want open open ended practicum It was very much. I want multiple choice very HubSpot Academy style. And then what it what it does is we integrated it with With some magic in the back end via a hub HubSpot form. And so what you do is you put into two HubSpot property fields, and we give you instructions on which ones. And then when someone submits the quiz, it will give them a score. And it will automatically add them to or automatically update their information within HubSpot with the score that they scored, as well as the course that they took. So you could do any kind of automation you wanted. After that you could automate with send Oso. And you could send them a champagne bottle, or you could send them a thumbs up video saying you did a really great job via automation. You know, down the road, we'll probably do like PDFs, certificates and stuff. But that really wasn't something that people were interested in. They wanted the data more necessarily than they wanted the data and the badge of honor if you will, more than they wanted to just just have the certificate for the user. The other thing is the number of hours courses you can do. So you can do as many as you want. There is no limit to HubSpot and the number of pages that you can create in your website that I know you could essentially have that many that many courses. And how the course is built out is each module. All the modules are a part of one course page. So there's variations of the page that work but you're it's gonna be very easy to manage. You're not gonna have like 14 HubSpot pages for a 14 module course. It's just one page where it's all in one spot. Other thing other highlighted items, it works with HubSpot membership out of the gate. So if you have an old CMS or sorry marketing enterprise, an old marketing enterprise account like pre April 2020, you would be able to have that access. If you are after April 2020. You would need HubSpot enterprise account. But the HubSpot membership features are already baked in. So you have custom design it'll match your brand you don't have to worry about getting that developed. And if you don't have HubSpot membership, the entire thing can operate on smart content, which is a really powerful thing that you know, really makes people scratch their head. They're like, wait, what How'd you do that? So, so that's a big piece, a couple other highlighted items, stripe Checkout, integrated so you can have a button that automatically allows for you to check out with stripe and and then you can have like time release lessons, you could have free previews. And you could even do course feedback surveys, either with a HubSpot form or using HubSpot service hub if you're using the the starter tools.

George Thomas 14:42
As you can tell, there's a ton that you can do Rocketeers with hub. lms.io. Now Remington one thing I want you to hit upon because I started to think, Oh man, this might be an issue for people when they're thinking about this, but let me first preface this when you're creating your course. Of course you're thinking video like we should use video for a course yes, no, but not every page has to be video or not every module I should say has to be video. So Ramadan, one, talk about the different types of modules. You could create textual video, things like that. But then I really also want you to lean into what possible videos or hosting platforms can they use for their videos? And if there's one that you like, or two that you like better, and the reasons why so it's it's this, it's what type of content can I have in my course? If I'm using video content, where should it be hosted? possibilities and what would Remington say that if he could only choose one or two places, this is where he would host it.

Remington Begg 15:42
So if I could only choose one or two places to host my videos, I would host it on Wistia Wistia as video platform is the leader in the industry, in my opinion, they are just blazing a path, their video to get nerdy for a second They're video embed, is one of the fastest loading ones that I've seen. You know, and the the customer service over there is fantastic. The integration with HubSpot is is beautiful. Now there is a monthly cost associated with that. But you know you you can walk before you run, it really just depends on your needs in that regard. So hit us up if you want to insure we'd be more than happy to insure you. The other ones if you don't care about having to track like the watch time within HubSpot, you can you could use HubSpot video tool, you could also just use an unlisted YouTube video. And what we've done is we've made it so that it's really easy to embed Wistia. It's really easy to embed YouTube, and then you could use any other video embeds that you want. So how we have a client doing it right now is you know they're using Vidyard. You can drop the embed in there, it's no problem. But if you're using YouTube as unlisted, Video, unlisted, because you wouldn't want people to publicly see your video content. If it's in, if it's in a course, or the Wistia, all you need is the URL to the actual video, the hub LMS will automatically build the embed code and make it responsive. So it looks beautiful on mobile, as well. So, so it makes it really easy. So that's that first. That's the answer to your first and second question. I think, what was the third? So

George Thomas 17:24
the third question or actually because you answered them in reverse the first question, but hey, either way, is what type of modules can you create this video only? That kind of route.

Remington Begg 17:36
So you can think of each of the individual modules as like a blog on steroids. So you could you could leave it all textual content, you can, you can make it more feature rich with images. You know, you could drop just about anything you want in there. We have the video embed up there at the top, because a lot of the courses that we saw just videos the way that they're happening. So it just depends on the the route that you take there. The one of the cool things that we also integrated was, you know, you might have a mix, you might have some there video, you might have some that are textual, like lessons like, even, like practicum kind of homework. And so what we did is we made it so you can embed the form at the bottom as well. So you could have a video lesson that goes to Lesson number two that's like, textual directions, and then a place to upload a file or to submit answers. And and that content can remain really engaging. And then of course, unlock the next the next module. So it's, it's pretty flexible. I think primarily you're gonna have people to leverage into video. But otherwise, it's you can do just about anything.

George Thomas 18:47
I think that sums it up. You can do just about anything you want with this. One of the things that I love is the additional articles or links or resources that you want, you can literally flip a switch, put some URLs in Give it a title and underneath your video or your text, you can send them off to other articles, blogs that you may have written or pillar pages that you may have for your company already, so you can tie everything in together and really keep them in this just really great experience. So Remington, obviously, they know they need to go over to hub lms.io to do a test drive. But if they have questions, or if there's any parting words of wisdom that you want to give them what say,

Remington Begg 19:27
yes. So if you have questions, and they're not answered in the knowledge base, which they will, there's a little chat icon that is available in the hub LMS website, just hit it up. I am probably on that more than I should be. We're just waiting for people's response. So hit us up, say hello and take it for a test drive. Because even if you aren't intending to buy but you're interested in how it works, we would love your input even on the test drive side of it. So yeah, do that over there hub lms.io Then I will say, just for people who are listening to this, we will knock off $50 from the purchase price with a coupon code, which we're only going to have in the video or not actually put this in the description, hub LMS sprocket all one word hub LMS sprocket. And so if you use that code, you'll knock $50 off of the cost of your purchase.

George Thomas 20:26
And let's be honest Rocketeers, it's a bargain at twice the price. So head over to hub lms.io. Use that coupon code and remember to be a happy, helpful, humble human. And we'll see you in the next video.