Teresa Heath-Wareing Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar

In this interview, we talk with Teresa Heath-Wareing about her Inbound talk on how to Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar. She is an amazing guest and brings the fire. By the end of this interview, you will understand why you should attend her session at Inbound 2020.

My Cheat Sheet: How to Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar – My Step-by-Step Blueprint
Using online tools and strategies to sell your products & services is becoming more important than ever!
In this session I will share with you my step by step webinar blueprint to creating and marketing a highly converting webinar. I will walk you through how to maximize conversions at each step of the process - before, during and after the webinar.

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Teresa Heath-Wareing

Teresa Heath-Wareing Limited
Award-winning International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner, Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts. She is recognized alongside some of the world’s social media & digital marketing thought leaders and is widely regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s leading marketing influencers. Teresa has spent the last 16 years in Marketing working with international brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Rightmove, and Leadpages. She speaks and trains, business owners and marketers all over the world. As well as in her online membership - The Marketing that Converts Academy Teresa hosts a popular weekly podcast called ‘Marketing that Converts’ and has interviewed the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Micheal Hyatt, Jasmine Star, James Wedmore, and Brian Fanzo.

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George Thomas 0:00
All right, for all of you that are ready for inbound 2020 That's right. We're back with inbound speaks where we interview speakers who are well speaking at inbound, even though it's a digital conference this year. So today we are with Theresa and man, I'll tell you, she empowers amazing entrepreneurs to start and scale their online business. She also has one of the most amazing about us pages that is on the internet. So you have to go and check that out. And so Theresa, why don't you tell the inbound 2030 on its a little bit about you,

Teresa Heath-Wareing 0:36
and what makes you tick. Thank you for that lovely individuals. And thank you for saying that you like my about page. So basically, I have been in marketing over 15 years now. And I am one of those people that can honestly hand on heart say I love what I do. I am the luckiest person in the world to eat, sleep, breathe this stuff. And I joke on my about page that I didn't have any hobbies because basically, doing work is my hobby. I love it so much. There is one hobby I have that I'm also very good at maths drinking gin. But I, I honestly, I light up helping businesses and business owners and entrepreneurs all around the world to better market themselves so that they can have online businesses and experience what it's like to have an online business life and earn that money while not necessarily trading money for time. So that's what gets me up every morning and gets me excited. And luckily, that's what I get to do every single day.

George Thomas 1:36
Yeah, I love it and and there's something to be said about being passionate about what you do. And I love your inbound 2020 title and I can tell to that you're passionate about that at the end of it, my step by step blueprint, right? But we're gonna talk about your title, how to create and market a highly converting Sales webinar. What's fun is there's probably a lot of people out there that are like webinars are dead, but after this, and after your session, they may not agree with that. So, Teresa, like who should attend your session? And why should they attend your session at inbound?

Teresa Heath-Wareing 2:23
So for me, this session is for anybody who wants to sell or add value online. So obviously, one of the main ways that I use webinars and the way that I help people use webinars is the fact of selling at the end of them. But actually, webinars are such a great way in order to do just an added value thing for customers. So for anybody who has any business that they are in the knowledge industry, they might be in the tech industry, they might have a service as a product. Anybody who's in those industries, we are in a world even more so Hence why we're doing inbound on life, the fact that we can't be in person, and for me webinars is one of the most perfect ways in which I can get in front of my audience, I can give them a live experience of me, train them, show them what I know, sell my product in front of them and personally to them, and then help them with their problems. And that's that, for me, the beauty of a live webinar is the fact that at the end, they get to pick my brain for free. And I actively encourage that as part of the webinar process. So anyone who wants to sell anything online, even if they're skeptical, they need to come and watch a session.

George Thomas 3:38
All right, so one thing I like to do, Teresa on these inbound speaks interviews is cut right to the core simplify the complex. So what's a major difference between a normal everyday what might be boring webinar versus what you're talking about a highly converting sales webinar.

Teresa Heath-Wareing 3:57
Say for me, the sales webinar has a very distinct process. And I love a process. I love a structure. It doesn't sound very sexy, but it has a really distinct things that you do at certain points. And that's the beauty of the sales webinar is the fact that with any webinar, if you just going on and doing a standard webinar, you would go on and your focus is in delivering the training or delivering the thing. But actually, with a sales webinar, the focus is yes, you need to give them that value and you need to deliver the, the, the information that's going to help them but there's a real process in which they need to follow in order to be ready to be sold to to be open to be sold to, and actually the preamble to being sold to so that what you're teaching them sets them up to really want the thing you're going to sell. So even though on the surface you might think a webinar in a sales webinar, very similar things. It's not and then of course this fits into an overall webinar process of learning. What do you do pre webinar? How do you get them to attend the webinar live? And then what do you do post webinars to maximize their sales?

George Thomas 5:07
Alright, Teresa, we don't want to give away all of what you're going to talk about in your session. But what's one tip that you can share for folks who are doing webinars right now, that could take what they're doing, and really take it to the next level and make it better for them.

Teresa Heath-Wareing 5:23
So I think my one thing would be in the first third of the webinar, because I checked them intersections, is setting the scene. And it's about ruling out the wrong person, which is the point in which you introduce the fact that you're going to sell at the end. So one thing that makes me very confident and makes people who work with me and people who have helped me webinars before, really confident is they have pitched this in such a way that says, Do you know what I am going to make you an offer at the end, so they've kind of taken the nerves off the table. They've set the expectation for the customer. They have made it real Clear that I am going to give you an hour's free content, I am going to train you some great stuff. And I have an amazing offer for you at the end. And if that upsets you or offends you, then this webinar isn't for you. So it basically makes it really clear from the outset, this is what this webinars about. I'm not gonna waste your time because I'm going to give you good stuff, but I am gonna make you an offer at the end.

George Thomas 6:20
So we've talked to people who are doing webinars and I love that you're like, like, yo, just don't show up if it but but but for folks who are sitting here and they haven't implemented webinars yet, like what why should they they pull the trigger, like, why is it an important part of their content, content strategy, like what would you say to them?

Teresa Heath-Wareing 6:46
Like I said at the moment, we can't stand on a stage and speak to people, there is nothing more than I like them stand on stage and a roomful of people. This is the next best thing. This is the next best thing in order to get your message out there to speak to people, and also the authenticity of being live, like having this conversation that we are now. You see me, you hear me? And you like me great. You don't like me, that's fine. But at least you understand and you know, at least you're not someone's not gonna buy your product and then go to this woman's voice irritates me or I don't like the way she delivers things. Or, you know, for me a webinar is a really explicit way to go. This is who I am, this is what I know. This is what I can help you with. Here are some things to prove I can help you. And at the end, if you want to come and join my thing, if you want to come in, buy my cools, join the grouping, group coaching call mastermind, whatever it is, then this is what you can do to do that.

George Thomas 7:45
Okay, Teresa, final question here. Last year when I did inbound speaks I would end with and when you get done speaking and the audience gives you a round of applause a standing ovation. Well, we can't do that this year. Maybe we have an applause button that we can hit. But still, when people attend your session, what's the big takeaway that you want them to grab ahold of, and run with as they move forward?

Teresa Heath-Wareing 8:10
For me, it's about giving them the confidence. And often, the confidence comes through the structure. So, there is so much fear in doing a webinar. Believe me, I have been sat there in my very first one, thinking, what if no one turns out what if I get it wrong? What if the tech doesn't work? What if this doesn't happen? And that is enough to stop people, people will not do things because they're too scared to do them. But what helps me beyond belief was, this is the process. I am just following the process. So I never feared once I was in doing it about selling. I wasn't scared about the slide that came up and said, join my membership. Because it was just the process. I almost took the the emotion, the sales, the fear out of it because I followed a process and granted Obviously that process got better over time, and that's what I'm teaching. So for me, I'm hoping I give people the confidence because I've told them the steps and all they have to do is follow the steps.

George Thomas 9:12
If you want to have the confidence, do webinars if you want to build a process, then make sure you attend Teresa's session, how to create and market, a highly converting sales webinar. Remember to be a happy, helpful, humble human. Do some happy hub spotting along the way, and we'll see you in the next episode.