The Casted Podcast with Lindsay Tjepkema at INBOUND

In this interview, we chat with Lindsay Tjepkema from Casted Podcast about storytelling, conversation, HubSpot, Content Marketing, and of course, INBOUND 2020.

If you are wondering if podcasting is right for your company and what possibilities it could bring, take a listen and learn more today.

The Casted Podcast at INBOUND

This latest Casted episode, "What Happened When HubSpot Hit ‘Record’," is for all our HubSpot fans. In this episode, you'll learn about the origin story of some of the brand’s most important content: its network of podcasts and videos.

This story starts more than a decade ago and includes characters who went on to become the big marketing names you follow today, including Dave Gerhardt, Mike Volpe, Jeanne Hopkins, Ellie Mirman, and Meghan Keaney Anderson.

Listen in to this special episode of the Casted Podcast to hear about their common thread - the throughline that differentiated HubSpot, these marketing leaders, and the brands they went on to build.

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About the Expert

Lindsay Tjepkema

Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and co-founder of Casted, the first and only marketing platform built around branded podcasts. With more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, including running her own consulting agency, she’s a dynamic leader who’s had tremendous success in building and growing marketing teams on a local and global level. After launching a branded podcast for a global marketing company, Lindsay realized her passion for authentic conversations. This led her to found Casted to help marketers unlock the full potential of their content by harnessing the power of podcasting. The company has since gained rapid traction among brands that wish to create a greater connection with their audiences through authentic conversation.


Full Transcript

George Thomas 0:00
Hey, inbound attendees. It's your boy George B. Thomas. We're back with another episode of inbound speaks where we speak to speakers that talk or speak at inbound about the inbound topics that they speak about. Anyway, whoo, that was a long way around to get to where we're going. And of course, where we're going is to run that bumper and get into the good stuff. All right, Lindsay, I'm super excited. And you'll quickly learn that I'm always excited about these interviews because I love learning new things. I love hearing speakers talk about their inbound topics. And I like learning about our meeting new people. So Lindsay, the inbound attendees, they want to meet you as well. So why don't you take a few minutes here to talk about kind of who you are, where you do the things you do and what maybe makes you tick a little bit.

Lindsay Tjepkema 0:46
Sounds good. Yeah. I'm Lindsey, Chuck, come up. I am CEO and co founder of company called cast ID. And we're the first and right now as far as I know, the only podcasting platform built specifically for b2b marketers, saying, Hey, you know, it's time to put more your content strategy up and around conversations like the one that you and I are about to have.

George Thomas 1:04
I love the fact that you're already dipping into conversations. We're going to get there content marketing, podcasting, too. I have been a big fan of podcasting. I'm going to go a little sideways actually here instead of jumping into why they should attend this session. If somebody's watching this, and they hear podcasting, and they're like, it's not a he, I don't know. What would you say to that business of like, what's the major reason you would say that podcasting is something that they should definitely get into?

Lindsay Tjepkema 1:35
A couple of reasons. The short and sweet kind of data driven one that we hear quite often is like, I don't know, podcasting. Seems like everybody has one. Why should I have one. And we all have blogs, right as we should. blogs are great. You consider the fact that there are about 600 million blogs. That's a lot. Compare that to about a million podcasts. There's still ample opportunity to own the space that you're in, especially as a brand Looking to to resonate and and reach your audience. So that's one. And the other one is that as marketers, we know that no matter what you're selling, no matter what product or service, you're a human selling to a human, and humans crave connection. And one incredible way to do that with your content that really no other form of content can do is podcasts because they invite you in on a conversation and people, people feel connected to the people that they're listening to. So it's an incredible way for a brand to humanize itself and to connect with its audience.

George Thomas 2:32
Yeah, and I'll give an Amen to that. Because I'll be honest, I've been podcasting since 2013. And I've gotten emails of people actually listening to us why were climbing mountains, listening to us why they're flying to a destination. Heck, we've even had people email about how they were in the shower listening to us, which got weird, but hey, it is what it is and you can listen wherever you want to listen. But there is this thing of intimately being able to be in the ears of somebody Time over time over time and building that relationship and of course, trust now I went sideways. So let's get back on track. When you talk about your session, the future of content marketing is conversation, Lindsey, who should be in the room? And why should they be in the room?

Lindsay Tjepkema 3:17
So really, the everyone who attends or listens into our session or episode is going to come away understanding the impact that conversation can have on a brand, and on the careers of some of the marketing greats that we all follow today, in a way that you haven't really heard before conversation, drives, drives, brands, drives, dress connection drives conversions in ways that we're all really, we're aware of. But this story that we're going to tell in particular, is one that that they haven't heard before. So b2b marketers in particular, fans of inbound are gonna are gonna really enjoy it.

George Thomas 3:58
I love it. I love it. And here's the thing. And Lindsay's doing a delicate dance. I'm trying to say session she's saying episode. So let me explain what's going on here. Inbound has audio sessions that you can listen to, which I love, by the way. And I think that if you're watching this, which you are, because you're listening to the words coming out my mouth, so if that got confusing, don't worry about it. But if you're watching this, you should really pick a percentage of your time to watch inbound and a percentage of your time to listen to inbound. Because you can get up you can walk around, you can do the dishes, everything that we just said, was really awesome about podcasting. Now, it's really awesome about part of your inbound journey as well. So, Lindsay, when you're thinking about or when we're thinking about, again, this content marketing, this this conversation, type mentality, of course, we don't want to give away the forum but is there one tip, you know, hack, something that tip bit of information that you would give to the inbound attendees that they could start to lean into or leverage or use between now and actually listening to, or attending audio aliy. Your session your episode?

Lindsay Tjepkema 5:13
Yeah. And I think to rewind on that a little bit, too. We, um, we started out we were going to have a session, an actual in person session back when you know, we were going to all get together in one place, right? That was about conversation and it was going to be kind of your typical breakout session, we're going to get into the how tos of that. And when we became an audio session, we decided to tell a story about Yes, it's all about conversation. But let's actually personify this. And we tell a really, really interesting story actually, about HubSpot and the impact that conversation and shows played on the HubSpot brand as it grew over the last 10 years. And then actually the impact that those conversations and those shows played on the careers of people like Dave Gearhart and Mike Bowlby and Megan KEANEY Anderson who hosts the growth show today. few others. And I think the big takeaway is that conversations drive connection, as we just talked about, and those conversate those connections, fuel conversions, right. So as you approach inbound in general and as you as you get ready to stretch your legs and maybe go for a walk as you take a break between the amazing visual sessions and kind of listen in on the story, just to be ready to hear the way that conversations can make a huge impact over a long period of time. For a brand as small as some of the SMBs that use HubSpot and that are attending inbound all the way up to a company like HubSpot. They really can make all the difference in personifying a brand and driving those connections long term.

George Thomas 6:43
Lindsay I love how you're a ninja at like dropping bombs without like even people maybe realizing you're dropping bombs because here's the thing. The episode is a story. We as humans love story. podcasting gives you a ample amount of opportunities to tell stories story is what will help us connect yet yet there are still people who they will face hurdles when they try to move into this kind of conversational storytelling content marketing scenario. Lindsay, what's one major hurdle that you've seen people face and and maybe give them that hurdle like, Hey, watch out for this and think of it maybe in this way instead,

Lindsay Tjepkema 7:27
I think all too often the podcast is seen as its own thing, right, especially, you know, as a brand marketer, you know, okay, let's start a podcast or you're told to start a podcast, right? And it's over by itself a siloed thing off to the side. It's locked up. The host records the show, it's produced, it's published onto the next thing. Don't fall for it, publish it, but then wring it out. That's just the beginning. There's such richness in that conversation. So what can you pull from it? What blog posts No, speaking of blogs, what blog posts Can you pull from that audio conversation, that connective tissue of that conversation, to turn it into written content to turn it into social media content to turn it into Visual graphical content, and to provide your audience with more ways to either dive deeper, or to discover that content in general. So the challenge, don't simply record and publish, record, publish, wring it out, measure it, reflect on it, do it all over again.

George Thomas 8:29
I love that another bomb By the way, my mind as you were talking, I'm like, you know what, we got to talk about how you parrot good wine with a cheese or like a wine and a chocolate or a whiskey in it. There's good just in life. There's good pairings. If you're planning on listening to this episode, this story that Lindsay is going to be telling. You might want to look for a session on repurposing content, because that's exactly what she's talking about is how can you take that and dice it up 12 Different ways from Sunday, and really use it to amplify your content marketing message. So after people listen to your episode, what is like the big idea? What's the one thing that you hope they grab ahold of and kind of run with as they move forward, Lindsey?

Lindsay Tjepkema 9:18
Well, now I really hope that they pair my episode with wine. That's what I really want them to do. But while they're doing that, I hope the big takeaway is I wanted to tell a story that they hadn't heard before about a brand like HubSpot, that everybody knows, right. And the big takeaway, the way that it connects to them is to say, Okay, if, if shows and conversation played such a huge part of this brand, and of these people that I follow today, you know, what can we do for our company, and what could it do for my career, and what could it do for my team? And if we're already doing a show, how can we bring it out? And if we're not what in the world is stopping us because

George Thomas 9:59
it's time to I love it. I love it Lindsay Thank you for taking time to do this episode of inbound speaks with us look inbound attendees, let me just say this. You need to start focusing on conversation. You've heard that in multiple interviews you need to start focusing in on really that human to human content marketing and go grab some earbuds go grab a glass of wine, coffee, whatever beverage you like to drink, get those earbuds ready because I'm going to be listening in on Lindsey story. And while you're listening, and while we're getting all of our agenda scheduled, we'll be here waiting for you in the next episode.