The Secret to Winning Your Audience’s Loyalty Starts With a Lesson Straight From Bob Dylan

In this Inbound Speaks interview, we chat with Lindsay Hotmire about her INBOUND 2020 session "You’ve Got This: The Secret to Winning Your Audience’s Loyalty Starts With a Lesson Straight From Bob Dylan". She shares who should be in the room and why. We talk about hurdles, myths, and a tip or two along the way!

You’ve Got This: The Secret to Winning Your Audience’s Loyalty Starts With a Lesson Straight From Bob Dylan

In this audio-based session, discover why some brands seem to succeed with bold viewpoints (and learn exactly why you think it’s too risky for your brand to do the same). Working with over 200 brand leaders since 2016, Lindsay shares why building an authentic brand identity has to start with the deep work of uncovering your core values, and she shows how winning your audience’s trust and loyalty requires an approach few brands are exploring today.


About the Expert

Lindsay Hotmire

Master identity coach and brand message strategist, Lindsay Hotmire loves to work with woman-owned brands who know there's nothing formulaic about building authentic connections. To date, Lindsay has helped 200+ clients (and counting) ditch one-size-fits-all frameworks and formulas – so they can simply and genuinely align their message with their beliefs, their values, and (ever-so-importantly) their audience. Once upon a time (before Google changed the world), Lindsay was a high school English teacher. And while she still gets a bit nerdy over sentence diagrams, she adamantly refuses to take sides on the Oxford comma. These days, she unapologetically geeks out over introducing a little bit of woo to a whole lot of science, and she’s used her intuition, creativity, and slightly dusty math skills to help her clients create $10,000 to $1 M campaigns — all without losing sight of their true, authentic selves. Find her at or connect with her on Instagram @lindsayhotmire.


Full Transcript

George Thomas 0:00
Hey, inbound attendees. It's your boy George V. Thomas. And we're back with another episode of inbound speaks where we speak to inbound speakers that are speaking anyway. Whoo. I love doing that. That's always a fun intro. Today I'm really excited to because well, first of all in the title of this one, Bob Dylan, I probably don't even need to say anything else. But also the word loyalty Bob Dylan loyalty business inbound. Hey, let's go ahead and roll that bumper and get into the good stuff. All right, Lindsay. I'm super excited to be here with this interview with you with Bob Dylan in the title talking about loyalty. But before we dive into the deep end of the pool, why don't you explain to the inbound attendees who you are and kind of what makes you tick.

Lindsay Hotmire 0:47
So my title is I'm an identity coach and authentic storyteller and I work primarily with women own brands, just really helping them kind of delve deep into started at the Foundation. pieces of who they are. So that from there, they can grow their brand out in a real stable and long lasting way so that they don't get halfway down the road. They're there. And then they think crap, I didn't do that at work. And now I'm in trouble because I didn't do it. So I held them in front load their billing processes in a way that really helped them survive and thrive.

George Thomas 1:22
So I'm really excited because I've been waiting for like, I don't know, two weeks ever since you scheduled to just say this title for folks, because it's you've got this. The secret to winning your audience's loyalty starts with a lesson straight from Bob Dylan. So here's my question, Lindsey, who should be in the room for this inbound 2020 session and why should they be in the room?

Lindsay Hotmire 1:47
Yeah, I think that this the time that we're living in right now is really time for really for me to be talking about it because I think that any brand whether it is a woman owned brand or not. Any brand that's really going to find themselves in a place of tension and anguish to really figure out Oh, my gosh, are we really we say that, then is that really

George Thomas 2:13
that you need to be in the room to hear to hear this? So Lindsay, I'm super curious, let's kind of start very high level when we talk about audience loyalty. Why is this important from a fundamental standpoint in like the digital space that we're in right now?

Lindsay Hotmire 2:31
Yeah, I'm trying I think we can do a little to answer that, because there's so many ways to come at that. I think that, again, the time that we're living in right now is really the spotlight who thought they had loyalty they were just skimming along doing business as usual. And then you know, who maybe happened in the human rights issues have happened and that has a lot of brands that are going to end With no close and so they have an audience bill and another audience is looking at him and saying wait a minute, either you're on you said you were or you aren't we thought you were. And so they're scrambling to maintain and hold that loyalty. And I think the loyalty has been labeled as almost like like a random check off like, okay, we're doing all these things great. We build this business loyal fan base. But if you don't do that deep work, you know, first or ever, you build this false sense of loyalty, which is what we're seeing a lot. Now I don't know how or where to go with what a what we're doing now.

George Thomas 3:45
Yeah, and here's the thing if you don't know the Emperor story that was referenced Google that junk because like, I remember back when I was a kid reading that story and talk about a life lesson like oh my gosh, I love that. That story, I'm glad that you brought that up. Here's the thing, we don't want to give away the whole farm Lindsay, but we do want to give people a taste of a what will be in your session, and something to work on between now and actual inbound, September 22, and 23rd. So what's one like tip or micro tip that you can share with the audience that they can kind of roll with in between now and inbound 2020.

Lindsay Hotmire 4:23
So as I said at the beginning, it's really about identity. We're not from a visual point of the soul of a brand. So there's a lot of angles. But with this particular presentation, I go through the value. And there's so much out there that talks about values and oftentimes, it's just presented as a checklist like here's your list of 100. Which ones are important to you, and then what I talk about is really doing the deeper work of a meeting has a checklist to really expose well Are those values? Are you really leaving them out? And so I think that one one thing to think about out to me now and presentation is where did we get around from in the first place? Like, why did we have values that we have? and just start thinking through that? Because I think if you come into my mind with that question, then the burden in your mind or who you eat, the things, the tools that I'm going to give you are gonna make a lot more sense and feel a lot more spiritual, a lot more easy for you to use because you're coming into me that

George Thomas 5:36
I love that hey, first of all, there's a little tease there, you're gonna get some tools, some things that you can actually do some like action items with and you should be thinking about those values. You know, it's funny, Lindsey, when we went through the process at sprocket talk calm of going through, like, what are our values and how do we want to show those whoo, whoo, that's a little bit of a hurdle for brands and businesses sometimes to like, overcome. So I love that you're diving into That. But here's the thing. One of the things I love to always kind of like yin yang here on the inbound interviews is, are there any myths that we should debunk when it comes to this whole conversation? Because you might have said, like 12 times the word brand. So when you think we're brand collides with audience loyalty, are there any myths that we need to just debunk before people get their butts in the seats for your inbound 2020 session?

Lindsay Hotmire 6:27
Yeah, I think maybe one myth, the myth of following the leader doing doing what feels right and in the moment in us, meaning that that emotional impetus to make your decision, and so even when we're human, right, we've seen a lot of brands step into into the arena, because the minute tells us that our audience demands it and then we need to deliver it. And while there is a lot of truth to that, You have to take a step back and make sure that you really remember prepared and delivered. And so you don't want to send them into your arena if you haven't done. So little to know. Yeah, you talked about Dylan. And and he was a man who, who didn't deliver anything. So that's what was his audience was demanding he had done even in four years old, like he knew who he was so well, that he was able to essentially say this audience, you don't need what we think of me and one of the bold move and what are the reverse he is a scary move as to do that. But I think that we're really standing on foundation of truly who you are, you're equipped to do that. And not only that, you equip us to call your audience to follow you and then they will that's really the loyalty comes from it because you truly have that sense of who you are and you're healthy. Your consumers also identify who they really are as well.

George Thomas 7:58
We are I need to rewind. But like I literally need to figure out how gamers like rewind their stream for about like 40 seconds because the fact of when you're talking about you're equipped with if you can stand on this foundation, man, and it's just magical because there is something Listen, listen, just rewind, rewind and watch that segment again because there are some tidbits for your business that you have to pay attention to. Lindsey here's the thing. I'm super curious. And I used to have fun with this last year with the inbound speech interviews. I've been like, you get done with your speech and the whole audience stands up and there's a raving random applause Well, this year that's, yeah, that's, we need applause buttons. Like after they watch our session, but neither here nor there. I am super curious. You're gonna spend the time to do this session. People are going to attend this session because they want to learn more about customer law or the Bob Dylan story. The things that we've kind of teased out values what what though if you could boil it down is the one thing that you hope after your session they kind of take hold up and run with as they move forward.

Lindsay Hotmire 9:12
Probably the way

you think you think you

think Senior Living leave them out. I will tell you sitting in dig deeper and let's look at it from a perspective that is not often talked about bringing the world I think that's a big thing you know, you think the founders rallies let's talk because it's probably you haven't really dug deep enough to actually

George Thomas 9:42
do that inbound attendees focus on your values between now and Lindsey session. Think about your customer loyalty, is it perception or reality, and also, you know what you should do? You should go listen to a Bob Dylan song in between now and then a while you're listening to Bob Dylan will be here waiting for you. The next episode