Tyler Lessard Helpful, Human, and Trustworthy: Using Video to Master the Art of Inbound Selling

In this interview, we talk to Inbound 2019 speaker Tyler Lessard.

We talk about #INBOUND19, being helpful, being human, and so much more.

Tyler shares who should be in the room at his INBOUND 2019 session and why they should be in the room as well. He talks about how the mindset of keeping it simple is vitally important for Inbound sales videos.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Learn how to boost response rates and accelerate deal cycles with personalized video messaging natively within HubSpot
  • Learn how to use video strategically throughout the customer lifecycle, including personalized video messaging, on-demand videos, live video conferencing, and video-based proposals
  • Gain inspiration from real examples of how other businesses are using video in creative ways to attract, engage, and delight more customers

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About the Expert

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing

Tyler is a passionate and dynamic marketer who thrives on creating wow-worthy customer experiences that build real human connection. His content and stories will connect with anyone looking to take their content and video strategies to the next level, all while challenging you to think differently and laugh a few times along the way. Lights, camera, time for some action!


Full Transcript

Tyler Lessard 0:00
I can do this video doesn't have to be a complicated thing and just because it's new, doesn't mean it has to be a big challenge or scary.

George Thomas 0:13
In this video we're going to talk about hashtag inbound 19 being helpful being human and using video and so much more. Our guest inbound speaker Tyler less our Hey, you know what time it is. Alright sprocket talk viewers and listeners. We're already having fun we're getting this interview started. I'm here with the man the myth, the legend, somebody I call my friend and have shared the stage with Tyler left. Sorry, Tyler. We are here for another episode of inbound speaks. And with these interviews, we like to kind of let the inbound attendees the sprocket talk viewers and listeners know like who these speakers are, who should be in the room what they're going to learn. And so Tyler, let's start at the very beginning and just talk about who you are what you do, and Where you do it?

Tyler Lessard 1:01
Thanks so much George. It's a pleasure to be chatting with all of you. So my name is Tyler Lazzara I'm VP Marketing here at vid yard. For those who don't know vid yard we are a video technology solution for marketing sales customer service teams. We make it easy to create and share video content to use video within your marketing and sales programs and to track the effectiveness of your video content. So really excited to be here and of course not surprisingly at inbound I'll be talking about video Yeah, yeah, you will we both

George Thomas 1:30
are talking about video and might I say that the two talks are like find steak in a fine wine pair together. If you're going to Tyler's you might want to come to mine. If you're going to mind you definitely want to go to Tyler's I love watching Tyler from the stage. It's always amazing. So Tyler, here's the thing. 30,000 people roughly are coming to inbound traveling to Boston. They're trying to pick if they should be in your room in my room in any room. And so let's start there with like Who should have their butts in the seats like you've created this great talk, like who isn't going to give the maximum amount of value to

Tyler Lessard 2:08
while the session is called being helpful, human and trustworthy using video to master the art of inbound selling? Now I know there's a lot there. What it's really means is how to use the power of video, whether it's one to one videos real time asynchronous, pre recorded videos for your sales team, but how to use video to connect more authentically with your audience to educate and explain complex topics, and ultimately earn trust with your buyers and your customers. And I'm really excited about this session because we're going to talk about the different kinds of videos you can be using throughout your customer journey. How to actually leverage those either in your direct communications or within HubSpot for your marketing and sales programs, how to start creating these videos without feeling like you're, you know, drowning in tools and gear. So how to Start using the things you probably have already today on your desktop or in your pockets, to become a video creator as part of your selling process. So really, it's anybody who's interested in those ideas in how to get started with using video to be a more effective seller to be better at customer service. This is not about hardcore video production. So if you're a video producer, skip this one, go to something else. But if you are a non producer who just wants to figure out a better way to connect with their audience, this is your session.

George Thomas 3:28
I gotta be honest with you, Tyler, when I read your title, helpful, human and trustworthy, I was like my brother from another mother. And then it was like using video to master the art of inbound selling. And here's the thing, we're all salespeople, even if we're in marketing, and so Tyler, what are some nuggets of wisdom that you're going to kind of dive into during the session? Of course not giving away the form because we want to get those butts in the seats but what kind of things are maybe what one tip trick or hack would you want to share between now and inbound? That folks Who'd be working on or something like that?

Tyler Lessard 4:01
Well, there's a couple big things that we'll be talking about. The first is a lot of sales rep sales leaders, business, people in general, still don't really have an appreciation for where and how they could be using video throughout the buyers journey. It's usually Oh, video is what goes out on my website, or you know, for customer support. But the reality is, we can be using video all throughout the buyers journey to get better educated to better connect and enter and trust with our audience. So we're going to explore what some of those different ways are to use video throughout the whole buyers journey, and including post sale to delight your customers. So that's the first thing I'm really excited about it just lots of inspirational ideas for where you can use video. The second thing I'm excited to share is how to create that content without needing any specialized tools without making any big budget, how you can use your iPhone, your your desktop, simple tools, things like we're doing right here and now to create this content and just get going with it. So It's super practical, super tactical, and people will walk away with great ideas they can apply literally the next day.

George Thomas 5:05
And you just said the magical words keep it simple people, we it doesn't need to be a complex thing. Trust me. You know, the other piece of this was selling though and so Tyler, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you this, like, if a sales professional came up to you at inbound and said,

Tyler Lessard 5:22
Tyler, is it really important for me to do one to one videos? What would your response be? It would probably be well, only if you want to sell more and make more money. In all honesty, I think you know, everybody in sales, you know, should be focused on building better relationships, more personal relationships with audiences whether you're doing outbound prospecting account executive account management, right sales is a human to human process, and video is the next best thing to being there in person. And most sales reps are using tools like zoom and others for live video conferencing. But when they're sending emails and social messages, recaps, they're not typically using video. And that's where the biggest opportunity is to record and share one to one personal videos. And it's so much easier than you think. And we're seeing sales teams that are using it become really, really effective. And we're going to share a lot of those stories in the session.

George Thomas 6:15
Listen, we just released a video, email video email recipe on how to actually insert a video and what should be around that video. Instead of like creating an entire book. So again, just showing you when you're when you're thinking of sales and one to one videos, Tyler session, my session, it's gonna be amazing. Tyler, these people they Australia, the UK, who knows from where they've come, they've sat in your session, you've given all of your value. You've just told great stories. You've helped them really understand and embrace why this video is important. And it's been important. But as they stand up and give you a standing ovation, a round of applause because you're the most amazing speaker at inbound. What's the heck One thing that you would hope that your audience would take away with them.

Tyler Lessard 7:04
The one thing for me is like now's the time and I can do this right I'm going to like double hashtag add hashtag now's the time for video and hashtag I can do this. And I think that's the really, really important thing is people are gonna, you know, I think hopefully be inspired to say, yeah, you know what, I got to start doing this now or I'm going to fall behind. And and secondly, I can do this video doesn't have to be a complicated thing. And just because it's new, doesn't mean it has to be a big challenge or scary. So I'm really excited about that. And I think that's my big one. One big thing.

George Thomas 7:39
So Tyler's talk is helpful, human and trustworthy using video to master the art of inbound selling. Inbound selling is about building trust by being helpful human and delivering value throughout the customer lifecycle. Inbound selling is about building trust by being helpful human and delivering value throughout the customer lifecycle video is the perfect content medium to do just that, offering a powerful way to share ideas, educate buyers and connect on a more human level. Discover the latest trends and using video throughout to get more attention, build better relationships and overcome objections faster than ever see real examples of on demand videos on one to one video messages that have helped other sales teams increase response rates by more than 200% and shortened deal cycles by 50%. Did you like this video, then make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that bell as well for instant notifications. And so we know that you're part of the sprocket talk community. We can't wait to see you at inbound 2019 But until then, make sure you're focused on being a happy, helpful, humble human. And of course along the way doing some happy hubs.