#UNPACKED EP 27: Unpacking The Unpacked Show


I'm ready.

George Thomas

All right, and we are back. It has been a while, but you know, here's the thing Remington we're unpacking unpack today. And the reason why we're unpacking, Unpacked is because you and I both had time to sit back, relax, look at the data. Look at the analytics.

You also had time to be a father for the second time because we're coming off of the birth of the new child. First of all, let the sprocket tears know any information that you want to unpack about being a father of two instead of a father of one before we get into the nerdy stuff around the unpacked show.


It's a lot

George Thomas

That's it. It's a lot.


What's crazy is so Ethan, my second born, which is weird to say, and then he's already a month old. My wife Rachel is a trooper and a champ. She's amazing. So I just got to stand there and look good while she did all the hard work and continues to do so.

George Thomas

There you go.

Two is a lot. Uh, you know, I look at having four, and I don't know how we did it, but we're doing it, and we're getting through it day by day. You know, the other thing we're getting through day by day.

Remington is this whole internet content creation, show creation, adding value to the world, building a community. And one small piece of building the community has been the unpacked show. And it's funny because you and I had a couple of weeks where we knew we're going to take off because you were going to focus on being a parent-focused on helping your wife give birth.

It allowed us both just to take a step back from the show and go, and this is what we've done thus far as good marketers, inbound marketers, as business professionals, what should we do moving forward? What is 2020 look like? And that was the question that I brought forth on one of our meetings behind the scenes, and we had this conversation that I wish we would have documented with We probably would have just used that for the episode, but we didn't.

And so I feel that it's very needed to share with the community kind of what we thought what we unpacked what we're going to do moving forward.

Historically, when you look at what we've been doing with the unpack show, what are some things that excited you, and what are some things that you're like, uh, that's kind of showing me something there might need to be changed.


A lot. So I think some learning, I'll just list off a couple and choose which ones to unpack. So live is not what it was cracked up to be. I think live people are desensitized by live where it used to be super authentic before you could still be authentic and not be live.

Some people have schedules. So like Netflix, binge eating is the thing for a reason. You know, and so when we look at people consuming the content, there's a lot of people talking about how valuable it is. I think that we go deeper than anyone I've listened to at least Yeah, in a lot of topics.

We have a lot of people saying that things are like that they love the show and that it's great. But we also keep it secret because it's members-only where there's so much potential to go towards our mission, which is helping people, you know, helping people leverage HubSpot better. So there's that, that other paradigm of it,

George Thomas

I want to unpack while you're thinking a little bit more.
I want to unpack the whole live thing that you mentioned because I do want to talk about that because there's, there's a nerdy reason that that came into fruition just not from the standpoint of people showing up at a particular time to watch a show.

By the way, let me just express my dislike of having to tune in every Friday to Disney and to watch the latest episode of Mandalorian versus being able to watch the entire season in like a one sitting for six hours or something along those lines.

And so there's that side of the unpack show as well like, just like Let them watch a bunch of shows as quickly as they want. Once they're a VIP or VIP plus member, the other very interesting thing was that you and I both pay attention to data and analytics. Algorithms, I love to nerd out on the YouTube algorithm. And we were using YouTube live for the unpack show people were coming, we are getting some comments, we're getting people watching it, it wasn't as much as one would like, but it was better than talking to an empty room.

It was exciting. There was some engagement. However, when we took the couple weeks off, and we stopped doing the lives shows. It triggered something in the YouTube algorithm because it was at that almost very moment that all sudden, our engagement rate and subscriber rate started to shoot through the roof.

I mean, double to triple the number of daily subs that we had got historically once we changed that.

So I was like, Hey, hold up, complete, hit the brakes, pause, stop something happened. It's still happening. Do we want to turn this live thing back on? Or other reasons? Are there other reasons that we don't want to do that?

I love Remington in our behind the scenes conversation, you're like, bro, you should have led with that first as we're kind of unpacking that. But, but so just everybody needs to realize that sometimes you'll hear these thought leaders say, hey, you should be doing live.

As Remington said, live his authentic live is the new thing. Facebook is showing preferential treatments alive, right? That doesn't mean that live always works or live works in the way that you think it will. And sometimes it can maybe do you a disservice. That's what I'll say about that. I wanted to unpack that a little bit.


Well, I think that's important because I believe doing YouTube lives last year, pumped the algorithm and the opposite way. But the problem is like people getting like, numb like LinkedIn. Live Personally; I see a LinkedIn live; I'm no more compelled to jump on that video as I am one that's ready to go.

Yep, you know, so like, so that's just me personally. So like all these platforms as they start to innovate and do these things, they're juicing the algorithms and ways to get people to consume content to do things. And then on the flip side, you've got, you know, what we fell upon, you know, by slowing down.

So, so that's, I think people just need to know when to quit. And this is just really important, like paying attention to your algorithms and being open to trying new things and trying to be bleeding edge because we have to be. I mean, that's just how that's just really how the nature of digital marketing is nowadays. So so that was like a byproduct.

But what's interesting is like, the whole time I was gone, I was thinking about the fact like, wow, we could have continued these unpacks if we had just juiced up a few before I left on leave, and then that got me thinking about how people consume information. And it was Back in the analytics; I believe it was hub DB was a big one, there was just a lot of episodes that had a lot of trickle effect of people coming back.

And it's like, well, those people didn't care about it in the beginning. Right. Right. Like, live. Yeah. So, so yeah, so that goes to where we're going from a pivot point of view. So you have to be gotta know when to quit. But one thing is for sure; we love our community. We love doing impact.

It's been great internally, as well as externally. So we can't wait to modify the format a little bit here and there. They won't be live, but we will still be just as accessible as we were when we were doing them.

George Thomas

Yeah. And I think that's the thing like there have to be things in place, right? You'll be able to have a form in the unpacked area where you can ask a question or suggest a topic, and we're going to answer that question, or we're going to unpack that topic.

So you still have that ability, or even heck better than that you could hit us up straight up in the VIP Slack channel, me directly or Remington directly or in the unpacked channel and say, hey, let's talk about this. And even as you're watching not live, you can ask questions or interact with the video and everybody else that's watching the videos that we're going to present because it's not going anywhere.

I love that you use the word pivot. The idea is we tested something we weren't afraid of it failing. We just wanted to see the results we were using it only as a learning point around YouTube Live and community and how that interacts, and now we understand we've got to fall back on our roots. And our roots are, what is the purpose?

The purpose is education. What is the Purpose The Purpose is education when they need it, where they need it, how they need it. Okay, cool. So the purpose still works that it should be in the unpacked blog area. The purpose still works: we should be creating these in-depth dive pieces around HubSpot tools, techniques, and tactics.

Heck, whatever you want to call them. Now we just need to be able to do it in a way that we can create them, get them posted, get them published, and promote it so that everybody can come and watch in binge and learn and just really get better. I should say grow better with HubSpot. That was on purpose. Because you know, anyway, so that's, that's we're falling back to our roots. And yeah, there you go.

We're falling back on our roots; we realize that it's compelling content, we know it's useful content that is valuable. And now we're going to just go about differently. The other thing too that I thought was interesting that I want to talk about Remington is when you and I were talking about, well, what does the future look like? We had this other mentally challenging thing that we're dealing with, and that is, we put a lot of free content out into the world. Still, we also know that we want to have some content inside the member's area.

It's all about the community; it's all about building them up and then being special and, and just being a Sprocketeer and being part of this tribe that we're trying to move forward with. And so we came across this like, Well, what about this?

Could we do this thing, and so Remington kind of explained how you were talking about how now there's going to be an unpacked podcast that you can listen to out in the wild if you're not a member or not. But what that means still is folks who are a member and want to get the actual content, where they're used to getting it in a way that they're used to getting it.


I love it. So we're going to since these aren't going to be live, we have some extra things that we can do. One of which is editing. It's; still, I promise, is going to be unpacked, and it's going to be the normal ramble.

Hopefully, that's a good thing for listening of yours, George and Remington, but what I'm excited about is how we get it out to the masses? How do we help build the community? And one of the big things from an acquisition point of view is like, let's get it out. Let's share some of the value, but maybe not all of the value. And how we structure unpacked is it's very much.

It's very much just, well, what about this? And what about this? And what about this on a specific topic? So we're going to be doing an audio-only podcast that's public. It'll be a public feed. It'll be on all your podcast platforms, and it'll be audio-only. And about halfway through it's, we do a half-hour right.

So yeah, normally it's a half-hour spot where we dig into some pretty nitty-gritty details about things. We're just going to set a timer at the beginning of the episode. And when the timer goes off, we're going to finish up the thought and then we're just going to throw a little bit of Promo Hey, you want to see us on video talking about this set thing, we're going to refer another 15 minutes See you in VIP.

If you're a VIP member, you get more value, and if you are not a VIP member, we're going to bother you a bit about it. But you still get access to concepts and ideas and stuff free, because we want to help people. And we want to help them learn. So if the podcast is nothing but go, Oh, I didn't know you could do that, then the podcast has done its job. Yeah, we want to do is bring some extra resources and things available on the inside.

George Thomas

Yeah. And now there are a couple of things I want to unpack about that. First of all, we're not going to keep all the good stuff to the end. Like we're not going to be that strategic about it. It's going to be like, Hey, bro, let's meet.

Let's rap about this thing for 30 minutes. Cool. I'm going to have a timer on the screen, which by the way, the way we're doing this now, Remington can actually see both of us. So if I have a timer on the screen while I'm recording this, he'll see the timer counting down. We'll both know.

Oh crap, it's 15 minutes we got to wrap it up. And so, know that it's just going to be the normal thing. We're not trying to be spammy or stupid about it. We just want to add some value, but also be able to have more value for the members. And I will say that yes, we usually do 30 minutes, but if you've watched any episodes, if you stuck around for any length of time with us before, it might be another 20 minutes. It might be another 25 minutes.


We're going to fly out an hour. Yeah, yeah. Other stuff. But we'll, we'll give you that heavy content.

Yeah, it's we are going to go deep We are, we are going to, again, unpack all the abilities, all the things that the two brains can think about around these topics as we move forward.

So there's going to be an audio podcast, you can get nugget sizes of information, you can get almost what I would say tease into if this is truly an episode that you want to watch or listen to in its full bore. You'll also be able to share it out as part of the membership community to other people who aren't members yet, so it gives you something that you can share that isn't hidden that they couldn't get to.

So you can feel like hey, I can share this and they're not going to have To fill out a form, and it's at least, I'll use air quotes here a gateway drug into what you're already loving, which is the sprocket talk community. So let's just kind of put a bow on this remix and where we're pivoting, we're going to give you some new content, there's going to be a new audio podcast, we'll let everybody know about that. We're going to get all the historical episodes that we've done 15-minute segments of that into the audio podcast.

This episode will be you're listening to it now, but you may have listened to it online or on the platform before. It'll be in there. And then we're going to move forward and here's one last chance to put a bow on this because they're not going to be live and because we're not going to be promoting them every week on the unpacked page. Probably in the Facebook group; we're going to put a post that will have here's the next eight weeks have unpacked, and of course, this is going to come out of ramekins brain, my brain but more than that Out of the community's brain, if you give us suggestions, we're going to start to slot those in.

And there's going to be a running total of the next eight episodes that you can kind of plan on seeing over time, right over the next six weeks, eight weeks, whatever, and know that you can go back to and get it. Yes, Remington.

I'm going to try and make that a leader-board to so if people are interested that it can change up because remember, unscripted. So like, we just go, what's the next one, and we're going to roll. So that's some functionality that I'm going to work on. But if nothing else, you're going to get a list as an MVP, and then you'll be able to vote on it.

George Thomas

That would be cool to have a vote it up functionality.
I like how you think, Remington.


Yeah, and were going to do it on HubSpot too.

George Thomas

There you go. Of course, we try to do everything in HubSpot. So that leads me to calculations, but we can't get that nerdy because we got to wrap this up remix in anything else you want to share on this pivoting episode of unpacking unpacked.


No, I figure listening to this show shoot George or me a note on Twitter and tell us your favorite episode. We'll start with that one. And then, of course, let us know we're building that list, and we're going to check it twice. We'll get that all lined up and get some content rolling for you. Thank you so much for being here.

George Thomas

That was a great Christmas reference. And I will just leave this out with We can't wait to see the changes. We can't wait to educate you in 2020. And remember to be a happy, helpful humble human. And along the way, make sure you're doing some happy hub spotting.