What are Personalized 1-to-1 Marketing Videos

In this video, I’m going to explain exactly what the term personalized one-to-one marketing videos mean and why personalized one-to-one marketing videos are important to your company.

What is 1:1 Marketing Videos?

Personalized one-to-one marketing videos are basically video you create for your marketing efforts that include personalized messaging for the person watching it.

This might mean saying their name, it could mean displaying their name on screen, maybe even using a company name.

It could even reference their location in a non-creepy way. Like “hope the spring in Kansas is beautiful, Candice!”

Why is 1:1 Marketing Videos Important for Your Company?

Personalized video marketing is a great new way to connect with prospects in the awareness and consideration phases of their journey with your brand.

Personalization is everywhere already. From email subject lines to relevant offers in our advertising feeds our content consumption continues to become more and more personalized. 

In the meantime, personalized one-to-one marketing videos are important to your company because it shows that you’re paying attention.

If you can take the personalization tactics into the video you are creating, which by the way, already proves more “connecting” than just text,  then you’ll be a marketing rock star for sure.

How Can You use 1:1 Marketing Videos for your Company?

Personalized video marketing solutions like Vidyard can help you add tokens to videos so you’re using the data you have - first name, company, location - to personalize any video. 

But what about using personalized videos in different areas of marketing? Here are four ways to do just that. 

1:1 Marketing Videos: Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails. Add a personalized video to these standard communications to really wow your prospects.

From subscription confirmations to meeting notices, you can add all kinds of videos. Imagine getting a thank you video for subscribing to a list, which then has your name on the screen!

1:1 Marketing Videos: Video Intros

Video intros for playlists. If a prospect has signed up for a video course or long form video content like a playlist, you could kick it all off with personalization by using tokens like Vidyard uses, adding their name to the screen.

That combined with a script that walks the line between generic and custom, you could make the viewer feel like it’s a completely personal touch. “We’re so glad you decided to start this video course. I personally know you’re going to find value in it. If you have any questions, please let me know right away.”

Fun videos. Whether it’s a culture video that you send to show off the team or a holiday offering, you could personalize these to make your prospect feel like part of the team.

1:1 Marketing Videos: Personalized Ads

Personalized ads. If you’re using video in advertising, can you find a way to personalize it with their names? Imagine seeing your name in an ad. How personal would that feel - as long as the ad is relevant in the first place?

1:1 Marketing Videos: Add Perceived Value

You can use personalized one-to-one marketing videos to help your prospects feel more valued and more connected to your brand. And now that you know what personalized one-to-one marketing videos are and why personalized one-to-one marketing videos are so important, make sure you are implementing this tool for your company’s success.

Make sure you're being a happy, helpful, human and along the way and let us know how you are using one-to-one marketing videos at your company.

About the Expert

George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas is an Inbound Marketing Marketer, Video Jedi and HubSpot Certified Trainer with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience. He leads the Impulse Creative crew in HubSpot certifications with 19 including Inbound, Email, Contextual, and Content Marketing.

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