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Do you have a hard time remembering your brand colors hex code values? Do you wish there was an easy way for you to get to your primary and secondary color pallets when working with email, landing pages, and site pages? Then wish no more ... hey, you know what time it is.

That's right it's your boy George B Thomas from Sprocket brining you yet another HubSpot educational video. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell as well for instant notifications.

Today we are dicing into a HubSpot setting that allows you to select 6 colors that your brand uses and easily add them into a favorites color picker area in your HubSpot WYSIWYG editor.

By taking the time to get these colors in place, you are going to save you and your team a ton of time as well as burn less braincells trying to remember all those hex code values.

Ready to save time and brain cells? Then let's head over to the workstation and get into the good stuff.

It amazes me that something so simple can save you so much time.

One wishlist item I would through in here for the HubSpot project managers is to be able to have a favorite color picker based on a domain if you have an enterprise account with multiple domains/brands.

Sorry, I know that got nerdy quick!

Anyway, while you are in the settings area, you should poke around at the other colors and font settings that may help you design your sale, service, and marketing assets more efficiently.

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