#Unpacked EP 24: Custom Scoring & Calculation


George Thomas:
Super excited to be here. Let me get our other half of the show. There we go, Mr. Remington Begg. How you doing today?

Remington Begg:
What, what? I'm doing so good right now.

George Thomas:
You have been a man on a mission working on that new course of yours, The Bot Course, which is coming out. I can't wait til the whole world gets a hold of that. Not the conversation for today, but I know that that's where your mind is at, and you've been rocking and rolling. I've on my side, been rocking and rolling with the Sprocket Talk. We just finish recording and editing How to Get the Most Out of the Slack Channels, that we're going to be releasing on a special page and maybe even out to the YouTube community so they can see this is part of - kind of behind the scenes, right, Remington? Let's unveil a little bit of what you get if you're a member. Also, they get this where they're at right now. They get this right where they're at right now, which is Unpacked. I always love these episodes.

George Thomas:
This episode is going to be a little bit different, which you don't know this until about maybe a minute ago. It's going to be - we're getting thumbs up by the way of people being here. It's going to be a little bit of a strategy, some probably talking about the tool, a lot of diving into future mentalities of how maybe things should be. Let me quit teasing this out. This all comes off of the back of one of our great Sprockets; here's Francis Bowman emailing us about the calculations in HubSpot about lead scoring, about scoring different things and, and where companies should be. So Remington, that's what we are going to talk about. But I want to start really maybe very high level. And if somebody, you step into an elevator, let's say you're at the West and you're in an inbound, right, and you've got like seven, seven floors that you can go up and somebody says to you, Remington Begg, what in God's name is calculations? How do you explain that in a simple human way?

Remington Begg:
If you can do... So simple human might not be the answer. If you can do calculations to manipulate data in Google, in Google sheets or Excel. You can in theory do it with calculations and HubSpot.

George Thomas:
So math if you want to do math basically. And so because of scoring, typically comes down to numbers and because you can use calculations for math, how many people Remy to do think right now today in HubSpot have even thought about using calculations to build a number that then is then tied into their false

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