#Unpacked EP 16: Email Drag & Drop


George B. :
All right, Remington Begg, guess what buddy? We are live for a Sprocket Talk. It feels like it's been a century, although it's only been two weeks and that's because dude, you have not been feeling well at all. What is up?

Remington Begg:
I know, I know, and I'm still not, but there is no way I could miss two in a row.

George B. :
Right, exactly, exactly. So if you are watching this live, let us know with a thumbs up emoji that you are with us ready to rock and roll. Today Remington, we are going to unpack something somewhat new, something pretty dang awesome and that is the email drag and drop editor inside of HubSpot, but it's funny because as a marketer I say all those things that I just said. As somebody who works for an agency, I don't know if I want to say those things that I just said. So I'm curious to your thoughts about the email drag and drop editor just from a 50,000 foot view before we dive in to what we like about it or things that we wish that it might do?

Remington Begg:
Yeah, so I think that technology is something that agencies have to be innovating faster than, which is a task for sure. So when we're thinking about the drag and drop tool, it's super easy and most agencies, especially the ones that aren't confident in their delivery, are going to think of it as a threat to what they do and how they do it. We've, at Impulse we've focused very much on leading with value as much as helping with deliverable, so I don't necessarily feel that way, but what's awesome is it literally cuts in half in a lot of cases the amount of time for an email. So what that means to clients is, as we start leveraging this and as clients allow us to use this tools rather than custom builds, it allows for us to essentially do two to one. So we can do two emails for the price that we could do one a month ago. So I think as people look at that, that it could be oh, I'm not going to be able to charge as much, or you could double your output and double the results too. So there's a lot of ways to think about it, but definitely not a threat in my experience. I think it's just an add on that's going to make it so much better for delivery.

George B. :
Yeah, without a doubt. It's funny because I think about the hurdles that people face when it comes to email, and some people, some marketers will say, "Well, it's really hard to work with templates inside of things like Constant Contact or Mailchimp." Or even sometimes historically in HubSpot, getting it to do what you want it to do, and so sometimes when things are false

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