#Unpacked EP 15: HubDB


George: All right, Remington, and we are live.

Remington: This is much more convenient when we're together.

George: Look at this. Look at this when we're together, it's super easy to just hit a button and go live and we want to look at that camera right there.

Remington: Not ourselves right there.

George: Not ourselves, although that's a good looking video right there, but we want to look at the folks. So as you come into this episode of Sprocket Talk Unpacked, make sure you let us know that you are watching. Give us a thumbs up, some type of emoji. Make sure you let us know too if you are... All right, flood insurance guru in the house. There you go. Let us know if you are actually watching on the Sprocket Talk Unpacked Live page or just watching on YouTube.

George: What's up, Daniel Sullivan, the man, the myth, the legend and look, I love that we can actually... Here comes trouble.

Remington: See the face.

George: See here's the thing, I think they might be actually really correct here, Daniel, as for as trouble because today we are talking about HubDB, so I'm going to be the not nerdy guy.

Remington: And I'm not trying not to be.

George: But I think that it probably be very interesting what you'll learn that you can do with HubSpot if you're looking at HubDB. But Remington as we get into this, we should also let everybody know watching that we just launched a new course in Sprocket Talk VIP Plus. It is the email drag and drop course. If you are not a paid member, you may want to check that out. We're probably going to even maybe unlock a couple of the videos so you can start to watch it. But even on the YouTube channel there is a email drag and drop overview video that we've created. So check that out. But to get started with HubDB, Remington, why don't you kind of explain to the folks who are watching this Unpack Live, in a human way, what is HubDB? In just kind of it's like this is what it is?

Remington: Sure. So an Excel spreadsheet or a Google sheets document on steroids. The ease of editing like a spreadsheet, but the power of a fully setup database that would power your website. So there is a lot of potential opportunity there for dynamic pages or dynamic content on your website, and that kind of thing. That's the filtered version.

George: Yeah. I feel like I want to ask what are some, the steroids pieces of that, right. You said "on steroids" and there's a host setting section that you may even pull out and talk about things. Now I'm going to just say what I like about false

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