#Unpacked EP 13: Lifecycle Stages


George Thomas: It is officially. Yeah. Yeah.

Remington Begg: We are live. That was a journey and a half.

George Thomas: Oh, my gosh. I hate technical difficulties, but the good thing is that none of the technical difficulties that Remington and I have just been facing had anything to do with HubSpot.

Remington Begg: Today.

George Thomas: Today, today, so that's a good thing. Remington, how are you doing, fine sir?

Remington Begg: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Other than some technical difficulties with the internet of things, things are awesome. Things are awesome.

George Thomas: Yeah, yeah, for sure. It's fun because we've been wanting to do this episode for a couple weeks. We're going to go ahead and dive into this episode. And we're talking about lifecycle stages inside of HubSpot. Remington, why don't you give the Sprocket Talk viewers and listeners kind of a backstory to how you brought this up and why we want to talk about it and all that good stuff.

Remington Begg: Yeah, so the big thing was we've got people asking questions in the HubSpot partner community, and someone said something about an MQL and then didn't hear anything. They're like, "Wait, what the heck's an MQL?" And that got me thinking that we as HubSpot users, you as an evangelist, we don't really see much going on in that regard of people not understanding what it is that we're dealing with. And then on the flip side, that's our life. That one field is the center of our universe.

Remington Begg: And there's just a couple of things there. So when I saw that, I was like, "Well, there's a lot of really cool things that we do with the lifecycle stage. And at the same time, there must be a lot of people that don't necessarily know what it is." So I figured it would be a great thing to unpack.

George Thomas: Yeah. For me, it's funny because when you brought it up I was like, "Well, I've dealt with that for six years now. Why?" And then I'm like, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. As an educator, one of the things that we should always be doing is figuring out what new people, what people who have even been using the tool for awhile, may have missed along the way." And my brain, Remington, started to go to, why do we watch HubSpot certifications or lessons over and over and over again? Because it's like when you watch a good movie, right? You get those nuggets. You get those little pieces, and you start to piece it together.

George Thomas: So while I go get the stream set up on our live page instead of just only on YouTube, false

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