#Unpacked EP 14: Lead Scoring


George B. T.: All right. Remington Begg, we are live for Sprocket Talk, and I'm super excited because we got some interim music, we got a little countdown going. But more importantly, I'm excited because we're talking about lead scoring today. Lead scoring is dope. It's actually one of the things that I really fell in love with early as far as like a nerd level. You know how you have things... you kind of fall in love because you're nerdy?

Remington: Sure.

George B. T.: What are some of those things that you've fallen in love with because you're nerdy, Remington?

Remington: HubL code, lead scoring, for sure, but maybe not for the most conventional ways. And then smart content. Probably the three nerdy things that I'm probably a little obsessive over, to be completely honest.

George B. T.: Yeah. Yeah. Without a doubt. Well, we want to welcome everybody to Sprocket Talk Unpacked. Today we are talking about lead scoring. Hey, if you're watching this live, make sure you head over to sprockettalk.com, ign up for your free VIP membership because yes, the site is live.

Remington: Finally.

George B. T.: It's beautiful a thing. It's a beautiful thing. Also-

Remington: And if you're watching this [crosstalk 00:03:02].

George B. T.: ... oh, go ahead. Go ahead.

Remington: ... if you're watching this on the SprocketTalk.com/unpack/live, you get to see this live, that's completely ungated for people who want to test this out and see what we're about and what we're talking about. But you can also, right to the right, if you're viewing this on a desktop or right below if you're viewing it on a mobile phone, you can go ahead and fill that form out to get started so that you can get access to all of the old unpacks and a whole bunch of more resources too. So I'm stoked that it's finally live. I'm getting excited here.

George B. T.: What's up, Joe, glad to see that you're here. Awesome. [crosstalk 00:03:42]. Yes, yes, Joe, we are live. This is not prerecorded. So it is exciting Remington, because the fact that people who are watching this and get a bunch of value as we dive into lead scoring, they need to realize that they can go watch on all the other... I think it's like 12 or 13 other episodes that we've already been doing along the way that we've hidden and packed away. Austin, Texas in the house. Glad to hear it, Joe.

Remington: That's awesome.

George B. T.: And also, if you're watching this and you have questions about lead scoring, make sure you leave it in the comments. Leave us a false

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