#Unpacked EP 23: Sales Prospecting


George Thomas:
All right. Remington Begg, I'm super excited. We are once again ... It's Tuesday. It's 12:30, and we are live again for another Sprocket Talk Unpacked episode. How are you doing this week, Remington?

Remington Begg:
I'm killing it. It's a good week. I'm playing some crazy, crazy chess while everyone's playing checkers.

George Thomas:
Yeah. I've got to be honest with you. If people who are watching this have not seen or do not follow Remington on Facebook, I loved how sideways that post that you put about chess versus checkers went. We had things like Blackjack. We had Go Fish. We had Old Maid, which is not exactly what you're going for with that, but it does show the kind of people that you hang out with. It does show some of the Sprocket Talk viewers and listeners even of they have a funny sense of humor.

Remington Begg:
Yeah. [crosstalk 00:04:14] I like chess.

George Thomas:
Yeah, yeah. Exactly, but here's the thing. Sometimes in business, you have to have a funny sense of humor, and one of those places where I think that you have to embrace humor and just kind of a lightness and an understanding of what may or may not occur is when you're prospecting and trying to come up with new leads, new conversations, new people to do business with. And so, today, Remington, we're going to talk about prospecting. Everything from the prospecting tool inside of HubSpot, which I think sometimes gets forgotten by many sales and marketing professionals as well as methodologies and mentalities, tips, tricks, hacks that you've kind of come across along the, gosh, long way of owning an agency and having to prospect and even do inbound prospecting, if you will, through the years. So, when you think of telling the story about prospecting and its importance and things like that, where does your mind kind of start this journey off at?

Remington Begg:
That's a great question. So, when I'm thinking about ... So, not thinking specifically about the tool because there's a whole bunch of goodness there, but when we're thinking about prospecting, there's the outbound prospecting, right, which is turning into almost being like ABM, like you're targeting certain companies and trying to understand who they are. And then, there's the inbound prospecting side of things where it's more farming than hunting, and I really like the farming side because you get to cultivate your crops to the crops that you want, and you get to really understand where people are going. And in sales prospecting, in my opinion, it's important for false

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