#Unpacked EP 3: Pillar Pages and SEO

Remington: Yeah, pillar pages and SEO tool in HubSpot.

George: Absolutely. So my question to everybody who's watching this, either the recording or the live view of this, are you currently using pillar pages in your SEO strategy? You can put a yes or a no in there.

George: Yes, the boys are under one roof today which is amazing.

George: So if you are using pillar pages for your SEO or for your content strategy, put a yes or put a no. We're not judging. We don't like to judge. We're just curious what you are doing thus far because today we are unpacking pillar pages, SEO. The SEO tool in HubSpot.

George: Remington, I'm going to let you start on this one. When you think of pillar pages, when you think of the SEO tool, which by the way, I did that on purpose, so we can talk about HubSpot and talk about strategy, kind of some cloud stuff here for people. What do you think?

Remington: When I start thinking about pillar pages and the SEO tool specifically, one of the areas where I start to get excited is the page performance tab in HubSpot. So everything... You've got to start with knowing where you are and where you plan on going. What's cool is you can list out all of the pages based on most trafficked and then you can start selecting the ones, whether its landing pages, whether its blogs or whether its normal website pages if you're on the CMS.

Remington: That's probably one of the biggest areas I like to start. Then you can start whittling down into the actual tool.

George: Tools. While it sounds like one, its multiple. Here's my little tip... Actually, I probably have another baker's dozen to go with this, but my big tip I want to ask you if you are doing pillar pages right, if you are paying attention to the HubSpot SEO tool, have you actually connected your Google account to that tool, meaning Google Search Console?

George: Not a lot of people know but there was a recent update. It might have been a month or maybe even two months ago where you can connect those together and it pulls a lot of data that Search Console has that you might not be paying attention to right into your HubSpot tool. So tip is make sure that you're Google Search Console... Say that five times fast. I can't even say, say that five times fast. Holy mackerel!

George: Make sure your Google Search Console is connected to your HubSpot SEO tool.

George: What's next?

Remington: To take the Google Search Console a step further-

George: Always going to the next level aren't you? Always next false

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