#Unpacked EP 8: HubSpot Email

George: Facebook is magic. It is the place of faces, or the book of faces, I guess we could even call it, as well. So, Remington, here's the thing. Before we get started, let's talk to the viewers about the fact that we're going to be changing it up a little bit, and that right now when we do these lives, these lives stay in the Facebook group. But they're not always going to stay in the Facebook group and people are going to have to catch it live. That's all I'm going to say.

George: That's all I'm going to say. You're going to have to catch it live because we really want this show to be about the engagement, we want it to be about the questions, we want it to be about the comments. Actually, to be honest with you, I want it to be about the emojis. I'm just saying.

Remington: The last episode was kind of emoji lacking.

George: Yeah, I don't understand that, and I like emojis. So, this one, I'm going to give you some creative abilities during this episode, and it can be any chess piece. Any chess piece emoji because-

Remington: What?

George: Yes, chess piece. Because here's the thing, Remington, here's why. Because if they're watching Sprocket Talk unpacked, they're playing chess, they're not playing checkers when it comes to their business. I'm just going to throw that out there-

Remington: That sounds familiar.

George: So this episode should be a chess piece in the comments if you like the show. So, Remington, this... I want to say this week, but we're doing these twice a week, so I can't say that. But this episode we are talking about HubSpot of course, and we are talking email.

Remington: Email...

George: I know we're probably going to start with the tool, but it may lead into email strategies in general, or that could be a completely different episode. We'll see. What do you want to kick us off with when it comes to unpacking HubSpot email, the tool that is?

Remington: Great question. Shout out to our boy, Dan Moyle because he's about to drop a blog post about email, which I think is going to be pretty fun. If we're talking email strategy, that'll be a fun one. Email, one of my favorite things about email is smart content in email.

George: You dove right to the deep end, brother. You're like...

Remington: I told you. We'll just go. I'm big on conversational marketing and having a conversation. A lot of times email is thought of as a one-to-many platform when it should be thought of as a one-to-one conversation. You and I've had a few conversations in the past where we were false

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