#Unpacked EP 9: Analytics Tools

George: We are live, I'm super excited for this episode Remington because I feel like there's times unpacked where we've gotten into a topic and we knew immediately that we would grow more granular as we moved forward. I.e work flows, we know within minutes. This episode, by the way, even before we went live I'm like okay, this is going to be an overarching conversation and we can get more granular as episodes come our way. But today we are talking about the analytics tools inside of Hubspot and here's the thing, we kind of have to specify before we get going here because there's a lot of analytics tools, right? I'm not really talking about reports or customer reports, but I am sort of. I'm literally talking about a page, or we're literally talking about a page that you go to that is analytics tools and it has a plethora of tools on it that you can mess around with.

George: So, before we get started though Remington though, people should leave comments, people should ask questions, people should let us know if they have questions about the tools that we're going to cover. And Remington, you didn't know this was coming your way, but what emojis should they use today in the comments and why should they be using them?

Remington: The star faced emoji, you know the two stars over the eyes?

George: Oh yeah.

Remington: For like, that's amazing. And then let's use the report emoji, like the actual paper with a little [inaudible 00:01:56] on it.

George: Oh now see you didn't know there was chess emojis, I don't think I have ever in a day of my life used false

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