#Unpacked EP1: Staying Organized in HubSpot

George: It's time for Sprocket Talk Unpacked. Yes, it is. And Remington, I have to be honest with you. I am super excited, because today while it might not sound sexy, this may be, may potentially be one of the important topics that we could cover that most people generally don't pay attention to when it comes to their HubSpot portal. You know how I know?

Remington: How do you know?

George: Because when I go and I do HubSpot portal assessments, people be leaving their underwear laying on the floor, they're not dusting their coffee table. Like it is crazy. So we are talking about, we're talking about staying organized in HubSpot. Why don't you jump off and get us started?

Remington: Yeah, so when we're thinking about organization, there's literally a million different ways that you could go. But organization of the HubSpot portal, I know that you could probably share. You've found a couple of HubSpot portals that are just downright trashed.

George: Man.

Remington: And I don't think anybody actually does that on purpose, as much as they don't realize what's about to happen as they start building upon new landing pages or new workflows or all of these things. It doesn't help that HubSpot changes the UI on you, too. In a good way, of course.

George: Yeah. Yeah, I mean change is always good. But here's the thing. I'm just going to jump into the deep end.

Remington: Do it.

George: So first of all, with staying organized inside of HubSpot, if you are not right now using HubSpot Projects, you may want to do that. Now I get it, you may be using something like Teamworks, you may be using something like Asana. You may have a tool that is for just your general, but maybe not. Like if you're listening to this, watching this right now, and you're like, "I don't have any of those tools, George," then go into the HubSpot Projects, because there's prebuilt projects that help you stay organized in the building of the things. Then there's customizable projects for you to kind of set up your own systems and processes. What I'm talking about here, is being able to have projects that keep you organized in your time.

George: Because Remington, going back to what you started to say is, there's these changes that we get busy, and it's because we're not organizing our time that the stuff that we're about to talk about for this episode in Sprocket Talk Unpacked happens, because we're not optimizing the time, we're not paying attention to these other things. So HubSpot Projects, if you're not doing that and you don't have false

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